Jacobs Cattle Beans, 1 lb.

Jacobs Cattle beans were originally cultivated by the Passamaquoddy Indians. They got their name from their markings, which resemble a cow.

Quick facts

  • 1 pound bag
  • Great for baked beans.
  • Originally cultivated by the Passamaquoddy Indians
  • Got their name from their markings
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Top reviews

Good beans for baked beans recipe

I found a recipe that called for these dry beans (you obviously soak them overnight) in a baked beans recipe. The beans were fairly expensive (like 5 bucks) but the killer was the shipping fees. The beans were good (you even put beer in the recipe with brown sugar, honey, molasses, etc.) but not for the price I paid to get them to me. There are other beans in the supermarket that will work as well.
LuSandborn, IN

Colorful and less common bean, Jacobs Cattle Beans, 1 lb.

My father is a strict vegetarian and has been all his life. He was born in 1935 and recently had a birthday. I sent him a couple kinds of beans because I know he eats them all of the time and likes them. Also, I had a spending limit that was pretty small. I have Amazon Prime so sending stuff has become more affordable. I actually thought about buying these beans for myself and will now that I have my father’s feedback. He said that he had never seen this kind of bean before and that they are very beautiful. He called to thank me for them. They are, apparently, actually three colors: black, white and red. I think that the point of these beans is that they are different and unusual. Anything that is produced in smaller numbers is going to cost more. I don’t know if I can update this review but I will ask my dad how he liked them after cooking them. I cannot imagine that they would be bad or the Passamaquoddy Indians wouldn’t have bothered with growing them! Usually colorful produce is good for you and tastes good if prepared correctly.
EthaBroomall, PA