Jacob’s Coffee Jacobs Cronat Gold Instant, 7.05-Ounce

Jacob’s Cronat Gold is 100% finest quality instant coffee from Jacob’s. The harmonious blend has been carefully selected by Jacob’s experts for the demanding connaisseurs that appreciate its fine aromatic taste.

Quick facts

  • The very best instant coffee from Jacob’s
  • Comes in a glass jar
  • Imported from Germany

Top reviews

Not Good Coffee bad taste

Dont waste your money because its a good deal. Packaging is in German. Coffee is nasty, strange taste, and leaves a horrible aftertaste. One of the worst that I have had.I don’t like it at all Yuck!!!!
SauShedd, OR


I thought this might be a less expensive alternative to the other instant coffees on these pages, but it doesn’t taste as good. It’s too mild for my taste.
AngelineMassena, NY

pretty darn good, so far the best

I like this one the best of the instant coffees I’ve tried recently from Amazon (Douwe Egbert, Jacob’s Kronung, Jacob’s Cronat Gold, various Nescafe products, etc.). Years ago I had some terrific instant while traveling in Europe, but I never found quite the same stuff. This Cronat Gold, however, is very good and I like it far more than their other products. I tend to do a lot of a/b testing to really compare stuff, and so far this one is on top. I tend to make it a bit stronger to get the full flavor, as this has a surprisingly rich flavor (a lot of american coffee just tastes like tea made from wood chips, often over roasted and/or simply poor quality beans). However they did it, this ends up tasting like unusually good coffee…and it’s quick and convenient and stores well. The Douwe stuff comes in a jar that’s nice enough to reuse, but their coffee wasn’t as good and had a chemical taste to me. This doesn’t have that drawback.
CherylSaint Mary Of The Woods, IN


I received this coffee as a gift from a friend returning from Germany. I instantly fell in love with the smooth and creamy taste. The price is so much better on Amazon as ONE jar in the German store near Dallas costs more than the 2-jar pack here. And, with Super Saver Shipping…you can’t go wrong. Enjoy 🙂
LouIdlewild, MI

Just a coffee I needed

I drank this coffee when i was visiting family in Europe, and I loved it. Once we came back home I searched for it and amazon’s offer was the best out there, plus subscription program offers exactly what I need, hassle free deliveries.
LishaMonteview, ID

Jacob’s Instant…

The advertising is correct; this is the best instant coffee I’ver ever tasted. The price on Amazon was great, too.
EraPetersburg, TN

Best Instant coffee!

This is the best instant coffee I’ve had. I’ve tried Folgers, no good. Maxwell House, a little better. Nescafe Classico, pretty darn good. Jacob’s Cronat Gold is the best!
GertrudHooven, OH

BEST instant coffee!

This is the best instant coffee, and I have tried them all!

Not bitter nor sour, just delicious and smooth!

Great price from amazon too. I used to have to bring a jar or two every time I go to Europe, but now I get to buy it right here!

The jar will last you a long time, one needs a flat teaspoon for a potent drink. Try mixing it with milk instead of water, yum!

SalvatorePearl Harbor, HI

excellent taste

One of the best taste coffee so far. No bitter taste like other coffee have. Highly recommend for coffee lovers.
BillyeBrinklow, MD

Best instant, and better price than in-store

A smooth, mellow flavor; in an effort to downsize I have given up making espresso and drip coffees and researched many brands of instant. This one gets my vote for best flavor. It comes in jars that are beautiful for storing hardware or other small items and lining them up on a shelf. I look at the hundreds of dollars I have spent on Amazon and have buyer’s remorse for most of it. This coffee is an exception: I will continue to buy it for as long as the price is this good and the quality stays the same.
BethRed Creek, WV