Jacobs Coffee Jacobs Kronung Decaf Ground Coffee, 17.6-Ounce Packages

Jacobs Kroenung Is the best of JACOBS Coffee. Finest premium coffee with the JACOBS Aroma now in decaffeinated. Special decaffeination and roasting process makes JACOBS KRÖNUNG FREE so smooth and without caffeine. In addition, there is no practically difference in flavor between Jacobs Krönung regular and decaffeinated. You can unfold full Jacobs coffee flavor at day and night. The special taste and aroma of Jacobs coffee brand today carries the inspiration of its creator Johann Jacobs. He opened a coffee and tea shop in Bremen, Germany, in 1895. There, he began roasting his own coffee, enabling him “to treat each variety according to its character and the structure of the beans, thus giving my coffee its own special taste.

Quick facts

  • Ground Decaffeinate Coffee
  • Medium Roast
  • Made in Germany

Top reviews

I really wanted to like this coffee

I was so disappointed with the freshly opened bag whiff test. My first thought was that it was the same flat smell as opening a can of Folger’s—not a good sign. I’ve yet to make a consistant cup of coffee from it. Every cup tastes a little different and not in a good way.

I will not be buying this ever again. And I SO wanted to like this from other reviews I read. I’ve lived in Europe. I know good coffee. And this ain’t it.

I’m too frugle to throw it out….maybe I’ll make Kaluha. *brightens

MeridithCastleberry, AL

Tasty Coffee

I get the sense that this is the Folgers of Germany. Note that Jacobs Kronung Decaf is Made in Germany by Kraft Foods Germany. That being said, this is a flavorful yet mild coffee. It is also quite finely ground… a pleasant surprise for me since I use this daily in my Senseo single serve coffee brewer. Since I prefer a darker roast, I like (not love) this; but I will certainly purchase this decaf version again.
KazukoPrinceton, MN

the best….

As always Jacobs coffee delivers on aroma and taste..No american coffee compares. My favorite coffee. You will enjoy this flavorful coffee.
LovettaLa Plume, PA


Coffee arrived damaged. Damage was from one pound of coffeelosing the vacuum packaging. This damage occurred from handling at the warehouse where three pounds of coffee was grouped for sale. Dispute the damage the coffee tasted ok.
LorrianeGenesee, PA

Wonderful Coffee

Second German-made coffee product we have tried. This one was just as good as the first, best decaf that we have tried. Highly recommend Jacobs Kronung Decaf. Pricing from Amazon was the best we could find on the internet and delivery was quick.
DarcelBuchanan, ND

Best coffee ever

I first tried Jacobs probably twenty years ago when some friends sent it to me from Germany. It is smooth, rich coffee, not bitter like so many brands I have tried. I am hooked on this and any German coffees for the rich mellow flavor. This is also very affordable.
MarindaHermitage, MO