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Mother Liked it,I Didn’t

Found it tastless and bland for a “Shortbread” cause I like my Shortbread made with butter over Shortning base like most commercial cookies,but Mother liked it cause it tastes like those bland store bought cookies she likes (Mothers/Walmart’s Sam’s Club)
Do ike Burton’s Jaffa Cakes though
MalorieSellers, SC

Rasberry/Plum Jammie Dodgers

They are dry but good. The fruit center is a bit sticky and gummy, and probably not meant to be eaten like an oreo. They go really well with tea or juice. I will get them again and I’d like to try the other flavors. Some people are saying you shouldn’t buy them, but I say don’t “dodge” ’em.

And the seller is good; fast shipping and helpful customer service.

MargaretaStaunton, IL

Jammie Dodgers by Burtons

Heard about these from an episode of Doctor Who and decided to give them a try. Absolutely delicious is all I can say. They are great alone or with coffee/tea. I will be purchasing more.
EugeneLucerne Valley, CA

Tasted a lot like cardboard and dried out jam

Got these just because I wanted to see what they were like. I shared them in the office and not one person liked them. They tasted like an old dried out fruit roll smashed between baby teething biscuits. Could have been stale.
LeslieJuneau, AK

“Alright-it’s a Jammie Dodger! But I was promissed tea!”

Fantastic little biscuit. The shortbread and jam create the perfect ammount of sweet, while at the same time giving it an overall delightfully chewy texture. I’ll order these again soon.
DonBahama, NC

Expiered. Do not buy!

When I got them at first I was only a bit disappointed because they were a bit smashed. Then I ate one and realized they were stale and checked the experation date. Turns out that they were 11 months old. Do. Not. Buy.
RefugiaJoshua, TX

Best cookies in the world

As my title states, these are the best cookies in the world, and I will lay down fisticuffs to defend their honor.

The shipping was fast. Shipping was perfect. My only qualm, there’s never enough cookies in the package.

If you’re looking for a good cookie at a fair price, this is the one.

DeandreaIndianola, PA