Japanese Sushi Wasabi Powder, .88-Ounce Cans

All natural. Product of Japan.

Quick facts

  • 10-0.88 ounce Cans
  • All natural
  • Product of Japan
  • Pack of ten, 0.88-ounce per unit(a total of 8.8 ounces)
  • All natural tasty sushi

Top reviews

The Real Deal. Five Stars!

This wasabi is soooo much better than the stuff that comes in a tube – there is no comparison. If you want real top-quality Japanese wasabi – just like in the Sushi Bar, then this is exactly what you are looking for.

I am very pleased and will definitely be ordering it on a regular basis.

Update: Feb 11, 2011 The ten .88 oz cans lasted me over three years and the quality never waned! I just ordered ten more. This wasabi is definitely the best. TEN STARS!!

SundayGrant, NE

Horseradish, Spirulina and Turmeric.

Those are the listed ingredients of this ersatz wasabi. Spirulina? Blinking algae! Have you ever wondered why the wasabi paste in tubes and the wasabi you mix with powder bear so little taste-resemblance to any wasabi you’ve had in a ‘ryokan’ in Japan? Might it be because there is very little real ‘wasabi’ in the majority of products sold in the USA? But this product is not the most absurd; there’s another brand, being sold for $6 an ounce, which is mostly powdered spinach, and yet another that bulks itself out with $6-an-ounce cornstarch. Nevertheless, don’t pester yourself by reading the labels! You’ll just get yourself into a tizzy of frustration.
Meanwhile, note that most customers are happily satisfied with this product. I might be satisfied, too, if I hadn’t lived in Kyoto for a year. Does anyone in the amazoo have experience with cultivating her/his own wasabi plants?
RhiannonWaters, MI


Best Wasabi we ever tasted. If you like your wasabi with some heat to it, you will love it. We put some on a roast beef sammi. Had to wipe away the tears.
ArieFair Grove, MO


this wasabi was hot and fresh. i like there that are no colorings or preservatives. i also like the small can. unused portion stays fresher and can is very useful after the product is gone.
CarryBossier City, LA

Real deal? Not a chance.

Shocked to see so many positive reviews for this product. As another reviewer said the ingredients are: horseradish, turmeric, spirulina. Calling this wasabi is like calling food coloring saffron. And you don’t have to have lived in Japan to see that this stuff ain’t wasabi. The instructions say “mix powder to form a paste”. Well, it does have heat. But what you get is this ugly, pale and chalky paste. You need to use a LOT of powder and very little water to get it to the right consistency. Next time, I’ll try getting my hands on REAL wasabi root from the asian grocery store.
ShylaDarien Center, NY