Java Monster Coffee + Energy Drink, Loca Moca, 15-Ounce Cans


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My Loca Moca

This is the best energy drink ever. I love it and will continue to drink it. If you haven’t tried it Its your loss.
GearldineBismarck, IL


My ranch workers love this stuff. They grab one and go when there’s work to be done and the appreciate the treat of having it available and on hand. It’s good to have happy workers.
CeciliaMoran, MI


This is the only flavor my husband likes so I love that I can order a specific flavor instead of the variety pack or buying individually. Shipping and delivery occurred as promised.
OlaOwenton, KY


It tastes delicious and I love starting my day and my mid day coffee break with my Loca Moca. Unfortunately, it’s availability in limited in my area, that’s why I was glad Amazon carried it. My alternative is Starbucks Mocha, but that is a distant second to Loca Moca.
ErickIberia, OH

Happy about the Bulk

Ive been looking for these in bulk for quite awhile, these are my favorite energy drinks, no bitterness, just a smooth creamy sweet coffee flavor and they also work great if you want to make homemade energy milkshakes.

The one drawback is the cost, when buying an item in bulk, I expect a good discount and there just isnt much of a discount here only about 4 cents a can based on my local grocery store.

I wish I could order this item more often but paying that much just for a 24pk case of drinks even if they are energy drinks just isnt something Im willing to do very often nor something my budget can handle. The only reason I ordered them now is because Amazon had a great deal on gourmet food items at the time and I got 10 dollars off the cost.

WesParker, CO

Best Coffee drink.

taste is great. gives you a boost.I prefer it ice cold. the price is cheaper than convent store prices, oh and be sure to recycle.
BrittanieBuffalo, KY