Jawbreaker Psychedelic, 1 1/4 inch, 5 pounds

These jawbreakers are speckled with color and super hard. Very tiny sweetart in center. A tasty jawbreaker that lasts and lasts in your mouth. Sold in 5 pound bulk bags. Choose from six sizes: .25 inch, .5 inch, 1 inch, 1.25 inch, 1.75 inch, 2.25 inch.

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Tastes Like Chalk

I had rather high hopes for these, but they taste truly awful. I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it — though I did manage to get through several of the color changes. My wife described them as tasting like chalk and didn’t get as far through hers as I did before pitching it.

If you’re hoping for something like a giant Wonka’s Gobstopper (as I was), don’t get these. In fact, unless you like slightly sweetened chalk, don’t get these.

CatherinPleasant City, OH


A great candy with a nice center! No complaints at all about these. I wish I would have gone down a size though, they are not HUGE but… I actually shared some with friends because you get a load of these.
MarcoTuleta, TX