J&D’s Bacon Pop Popcorn, 3 Microwavable Bags,

Not too long ago, Justin and Dave worked together at a little technology company. While on a business trip, they had the chance to sit down for dinner and eventually, the conversation turned to their mutual love of bacon. It was then that Justin told Dave about his idea for Bacon Salt. Dave loved the idea. And from that point forward, a partnership was struck to turn this bacon-flavored dream into a reality. In 2007, they tasted the first flavors of Bacon Salt, on Porterhouse steaks, mashed potatoes, eggs, corn and tomato soup – literally everything Dave could find to eat in his house. Everything was absolutely delicious. Now they bring their inventions to fellow bacon lovers everywhere. They started with 3 flavors of Bacon Salt – Original, Hickory and Peppered. Since then, they’ve found even more things to make taste like bacon. So, whether you’re a regular griller or a gourmet chef, are counting calories or are a vegetarian who craves mouth-watering bacon taste without the bacon guilt, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Quick facts

  • Delicious popcorn that tastes like it’s been cooked in bacon grease
  • Perfect snack to serve up on movie night
  • Ready in just five minutes or less
  • Certified kosher
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Top reviews

This is so good it should be illegal

This is popcorn is INSANELY tasty, and from the heavenly smell wafting from the microwave and the positively hedonistic name- it really scratches both the bacon AND popcorn itch. It tastes much better than you might imagine, and if you’re a bacon lover – this corn is for you!

Bacon-Pop cooking smells exactly like microwaving a big platter of real bacon and the taste is great, not too salty, not artificially “bacon-y” – it’s just exactly the right combination of tastes. As a vegan, I miss the taste of bacon and this delicious, mildly buttery, absolutely realistically flavoured popcorn is ludicrously good. That’s right – it’s vegan and vegetarian suitable! No it’s not low fat, nor does it qualify as “healthy” but for a product called “BACON POPCORN” it (amazingly) isn’t the worst offender on the microwave popcorn health scale with only 8 grams of fat per serving, no cholesterol, no gluten and no diacetyl.

ChanellMercersburg, PA

well i like it!

No it does not really taste bacony but whatever it does taste like I quite like it. Was actually pleasantly surprised because I was afraid the bacon would be overpowering and remind me of greasy bacon.

I’m ordering more

JarodGlade Hill, VA


The smell the previous reviewer couldn’t place is burning rubber. It smells just like when you burn out a belt on a vacuum cleaner. Once we finally got the kitchen aired out and the microwave clear of most of the stink of steel-belted radials, the popcorn itself was disappointing.
JulieannTimewell, IL

Pretty blah

Bacon pop doesn’t really taste much like bacon at all, as the previous review mentioned. It seems like VERY lightly buttered popcorn, with a very light sprinkling of Bacon Salt. In fact, sprinkling it with some more Bacon Salt, or even just sea salt, does improve the taste. What it doesn’t improve is the fact that it makes the whole house smell like a mixture of burnt popcorn, and something else unpleasant that I can’t quite place.

I’ll stick to regular buttered popcorn sprinkled with Bacon Salt next time. Cheaper, tastier, and doesn’t always smell burnt.

KendaMeadville, MO

“Bacon” Pop

I love bacon. I love the whole bacon experience, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I actually saw this product on another website and was just so curious that I had to shell out the money to buy it. I’m actually eating the popcorn as I type this and…well, it’s tasty, but it doesn’t really taste like bacon.

I was expecting this to fill my kitchen with the smell of cooking bacon while it rotated in the microwave, and it didn’t. The smell was just sort of…weird. The taste itself is interesting, and certainly smoky, but if I didn’t know this was supposed to be bacon I wouldn’t be able to tell while eating it. It tastes almost like butter with smoked salt or something.

If you like popcorn, by all means try this, but don’t expect to knock you over with the taste of real bacon. I guess it’s vegan/vegetarian for a reason, hm?

KristinAlton, VA

Bland taste, little bacon flavor

when you open the package, it smells like bacon. After poping, the smell is a heavy burnt bacon smell. It doesn’t really taste like bacon…occasionally you get a piece that tastes like bacon, but overall the popcorn is just plain. We tried 2 bags to be sure we didn’t get a bad pack…same result.

This is great for novelty and themed gifts. But if you are looking to satisfy a bacon craving, this isn’t for you.

ElvaHenry, IL

Bought it for him, want it for me.

Bought this for the fiancee’s birthday. He popped 2 of the bags when I wasn’t home. Each time I came home the house smelled so good I asked him to let me try the last bag with him. I couldn’t get enough and ate half the bag, and wanted more. Strangely it did smell burnt when I was present for the 3rd popping. But it sure didn’t taste burnt. And it sure didn’t taste like Bacos. I can’t eat those so I was not interested in trying this product until I learned how great it smelled: very un-Baco-ish. The taste was as others have described… maybe not exactly bacon, but smokey and meaty. We were both definitely satisfied and want more. My only complaint is I can’t buy it at the grocery store!
VandaCochiti Lake, NM


It does not taste like bacon and it smells disgusting while it’s popping. I ate a couple of kernels and threw away the rest of the box.
JohnaFolsom, CA

It’s not bad!

I found this popcorn the other day in Ross’ Dept. store. It was such a different item that I had to try it. I’m glad I bought it. I would definitely buy it again. Beats plain old popcorn. They had a couple more boxes on the shelf. I’m going back and hoping nobody else bought them.

PS – I went to the company website and they have LOTS AND LOTS of bacon flavored items you can buy. What’s better than getting the bacon flavor without having to eat the bacon and all that fat?? I have just stumbled on a great place to buy Christmas gift. My family is from South Carolina and they just looove bacon. This will be so much better for them.

ElvaCleves, OH

I was scared

At first I was terrified of this product when I opened the first package, I thought it smelled disturbingly like Beggin’ Strips before it was cooked. But I went ahead an microwaved for about 3 minutes, preheating a cup of water first like that package suggests and I must say I was not disappointed. My dad liked extra crispy (burnt) bacon when I was growing up and coming out of the microwave it made the kitchen smell like Sunday mornings from my childhood. I would say the flavor balance was perfect.

If I am eating bacon popcorn I just wouldn’t expect it to taste like I was eating a freshly cooked piece of bacon, I think that is kind of shooting for the stars. However, I did get a pleasant experience, it did not taste like BAC~Os or smell like dog treats once it was cooked. I would probably buy it again.

DelbertManchester, WA

Worst popcorn I have ever eaten

I ordered two types of popcorn at one time. One, J&D’s BaconPop, the other Fireworks Red River Valley.

J&D’s BaconPop has to be the worst bag popcorn I have ever tasted. I can even eat burnt popcorn but I cannot eat this stuff. Only half of each bag pops and the bacon stuff burns. It gives off a bad smell and the taste is even worse. It is like burnt salt. I tried cooking at lesser times without improved results. I even tried scraping the popcorn out of the bag and popping it on the stovetop but the results did not improve much. I thought it would be difficult to screw up popcorn but these guys did a great job of making popcorn inedible. No bacon flavor whatsoever.

J&D’s BaconPop gets one star. One star is far too generous.

Red River Valley by Fireworks gets 5 stars. The best popcorn I have ever eaten.


I gave this popcorn to a lady friend with two kids. They all love it. They ate every bit of it in less than one month. She now buys the popcorn at Kroger.

JaeNazareth, KY

I love this stuff

I’ve been getting this stuff for about a year. Although it isn’t really a super-authentic bacon flavor, I think it tastes great.

I see that some of the reviewers have said that it doesn’t have much flavor, and I suspect they just got an unlucky bag. Every once in a while I’ll make one that seems a bit light on flavoring and/or the flavoring doesn’t seem evenly spread throughout the bag. For the most part, though, I have no complaints about that. (For reference, I almost always salt my French fries from fast-food places — I’m not someone who is used to bland foods.)

The only thing I don’t love about this popcorn is that it doesn’t smell too great while popping. In fact, the aroma was so unpleasant that I almost didn’t eat any the first time I made it. (I’m glad I tried it, though!) I don’t really understand how it can smell so weird and taste so great, but it does the same thing every time.

On an unrelated note, this company also makes a bacon-cheddar popcorn, and I find that much less flavorful. The one that’s straight bacon flavor is much better.

EviaBrooklyn, MD

Okay overall, very strong non-bacon flavor.

I received a box of this as a gift from my girlfriend, and almost immediately tried it out. As some other reviews stated, it doesn’t actually taste like bacon. Imitation bacon bits, maybe. Certainly has a smoky flavor. My biggest problem was that the flavor was VERY strong. Between my girlfriend and I, we ate maybe half of the bag. It would definitely be suitable for a party, maybe. If the taste is similar to the bacon salt by this company, you’d be better off buying unflavored popcorn and adding just a bit of that to the popcorn.
ArmandinaUnion Point, GA

MisterC, Tacoma, WA

I purchased this item because it was very unique. The product tasted terrible. It made my entire house smell like burned bacon. After the first bag, I disposed of the remainder of the container. I would olny recommend this product to a die-hard bacon lover who is able to tolerate the bad taste and horrible smell of this product. Do not recommend purchase.
MadaleneFingerville, SC

Ballyhoo in a Box… Yuck

Compared to good microwave popcorn, J&Ds BaconPop is frightfully overpriced for unpleasant popcorn. Wow! Did I just describe microwave popcorn as unpleasant? The box advertises bacon, and the popcorn smells like bacon… about the first minute into popping… until a strange smell brings a big WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT? straight into your kitchen. I’ll stick with ActII or Pop Secret… and save my money and my nose. J&Ds BaconPop tastes like basic, lightly-salted popcorn… and is somewhat dry to boot. Additionally… THE SMELL towards the end of popping (no I did not burn it)… and the freaky black residue left on one side of the bag (no, I did not burn it) add odor and visual features to movie-and-popcorn night that I can do without. My teenagers ate only about half of the popcorn and returned the rest to the kitchen with a “fun try Mom, but don’t buy this anymore, OK?”
MargotByram, MS

Edible novelty item (it has limitations)

If you love the SMELL of bacon coming from your microwave, this is for you. Or if you just want a break from ‘regular’ popcorn, give it a try. The TASTE isn’t exactly that of bacon, but it’s not a bad taste by any means. For a more bacon-like experience, drizzle 1/3 stick of melted butter over it . . . and don’t forget to take your cholesterol meds!
DuncanWayne, NJ

Might just be my own taste buds,

Might just be me, but this kinda tastes like nasty crap. Kinda smells like bacon, *sorta* tastes like meat, but I wouldn’t recommend this. It’s not that bacon and popcorn wouldn’t be good together, just that this really doesn’t taste like bacon. More like some nasty mystery meat ground into a powder. Cool idea, but this bacon pop doesn’t sizzle.
ShavonneArthur, NE

It is what it says it is.

We liked it. I shared some with friends and said, “Guess the flavor.” They said “Hickory”. Close enough, right? I found it to be pretty damn good and it wasn’t overly buttery. I’d recommend it. It cooked perfectly after 2 minutes in my microwave. Enjoy!
SarinaLight Street, PA

Purchased and then enjoyed locally

Did not buy this from Amazon, but found it in my local supermarket. Thought it would make a cute novelty item in one of my goodie bags I send to friends overseas. The other night I had a major snack attack and grabbed a bag. I popped mine on the stove (no microwave) but the end result should have been the same as nuking it. My popcorn cooked well, no duds. None. And the flavor was a great smokey bacony treat! The popcorn was crispy, and not overly greasy. My house smelled like bacon for hours! This is not the kind of popcorn you can eat every day, unlikely…. but for a decadent treat I call this stuff tops!
ElijahRailroad, PA