J&D’s Bacon Salt Sampler, 2 Ounce Bottles

Not too long ago, Justin and Dave worked together at a little technology company. While on a business trip, they had the chance to sit down for dinner and eventually, the conversation turned to their mutual love of bacon. It was then that Justin told Dave about his idea for Bacon Salt. Dave loved the idea. And from that point forward, a partnership was struck to turn this bacon-flavored dream into a reality. In 2007, they tasted the first flavors of Bacon Salt, on Porterhouse steaks, mashed potatoes, eggs, corn and tomato soup – literally everything Dave could find to eat in his house. Everything was absolutely delicious. Now they bring their inventions to fellow bacon lovers everywhere. They started with 3 flavors of Bacon Salt – Original, Hickory and Peppered. Since then, they’ve found even more things to make taste like bacon. So, whether you’re a regular griller or a gourmet chef, are counting calories or are a vegetarian who craves mouth-watering bacon taste without the bacon guilt, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Quick facts

  • Contains one bottle each of Original, Hickory, Peppered, and Natural Bacon Salt
  • Less messy and less fatty way to experience the unparalleled taste of bacon in all your favorite foods
  • Try all the flavors on all your favorite foods and decide what you like best
  • Certified Kosher, vegetarian and low sodium with zero calories and zero fat
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews

Slow service

On their site, they say “PayPal accepted upon request”. If you request to pay with PayPal, it takes them 4 days to acknowledge it. And this is the only site I’ve ever seen that accepts PayPal “by request”. Very primitive marketing.
RomaineFox River Grove, IL

Only OK

The Bacon Salt Sampler was OK. I won’t buy it again. It didn’t WOW me or my family.
JoeannGypsum, CO

Completely OVERRATED!

Sorry folks, I bought this out of curiosity. It’s exactly what you think it is — REALLY FAKE TASTE! It ruins your potato soup with a fake bacon taste that leaves a bad aftertaste. I was not impressed. The worst part is that there are 4 bottles that I now have no purpose for. Guess what the in-laws are getting for Christmas??? :o) I LOVE bacon, as does my husband and neither of us liked it. It’s loaded with MSG, so be careful. If you want to add a bacon flavor to something, ADD BACON, there is no substitute. If you are vegan or vegetarian – you shouldn’t WANT the taste of bacon on anything, so get over it. I really do not recommend this product. If you REALLY want to try it, I have four barely used bottles I’ll send you for the shipping cost. I want them out of my house!
OlimpiaEllerslie, MD

Zero Stars

I bought this product so that I could make a split pea soup with bacon flavoring, but without the meat. I was wrong to think that a bunch seasoning could imitate the flavor of bacon. It tastes like ramen seasoning or really salty bacon bits. The only flavor that was even edible was the Bacon Salt Natural. Don’t waste your money on this product.
WaltonFerrum, VA

Really does make everything taste like bacon!

Like so many others, we love bacon but must avoid it for health reasons. So when we heard of this product — and its companion spread, Baconnaise — we ordered every flavor made, for ourselves and for gifts to family and friends, from Amazon and from the company website.

We weren’t disappointed. Every flavor is authentically, satisfyingly “bacony”. And despite the name, it’s not at all salty; low-sodium versions are available, which means bacon lovers (even vegetarians) can satisfy their yearnings without the health risks associated with heavy animal fats.

BTW, one thing we especially appreciate about Bacon Salt’s makers (two high-tech guys who, over a meal, confessed that they’d always wished everything could taste like bacon, then funded their venture with $10K won on “America’s Funniest Home Videos”) is their “Operation Bacon Salt,” in which orders shipped from the company to APO addresses sell for half-price. It’s refreshing to find a firm that will not only ship to APO addresses (not all do), but will actually do something generous for our men and women who serve in the military. It’s a cool (and legal) way, too, to get that lovely, bacony flavor to military personnel who serve in countries where bacon and other pork products are not permitted.

Try all the flavors. And try the yummy Baconnaise, too; it comes in regular and “lite” versions, and lets you make a low-calorie, low-sodium, zero cholesterol BLT that will just about make any bacon-lover’s day. It’s also wonderful on a baked potato.

We have no commercial interest in the company, and do (and will continue to do) most of our shopping on Amazon. We’re just big fans of Bacon Salt products, happy to see their products available here.

AlbertinaMount Washington, KY

Bacon salt sampler

I have only had time to try one of these so far, and wasn’t overly impressed with the taste. I consider myself a bacon expert, as I could sit down and eat good bacon until I explode, but thought the taste just wasn’t what I had hoped for from this product.
TuanPonca, AR

Bacon Salt Sampler

These seasonings are great for flavoring just about anything. Great on eggs, salads, and popcorn. It gives the food a nice bacon-y flavor without bacon. They are low sodium. One of them is gluten free, but the rest are not. I would have given them 5 stars had all of them been gluten free.
VirgilioTyner, KY

the greatest spice ever

this is the best thing to have when you are stuck on a limited diet. it is exactly bacon flavored, not kind of or sort of, but spot on. a must have for popcorn snackers.
MargretMorley, IA

Incredible Disappointment

Exceptional service, I can’t deny that. It took only a day to deliver.

However, the end result is incredibly disappointing.

Looking at the ingredients should give you pause. After sea salt, the largest proportions are garlic, paprika and onion.

As another reviewers have said, it hardly tastes at all like bacon.
It’s more like the dust you get at the bottom of a bag of Barbecue flavoured crisps.

Perhaps my hopes were too high because of all the hype.

Anybody who says a bacon imitation product tastes like bacon is talking out of their arse. They have either never tasted bacon, never tasted the product, or are paid very generously to write these reviews.

Still, I spent $15 on half a pound of barbecue seasoning. Might as well sprinkle it on exceptionally bland food. Shame it goes stale in two years time.

KrisDouglas, AL

Bacon lover, bacon salt hater

I wish I had read the recent review by Aren Tigs before placing my order, or I might have been spared disaster. I didn’t realize the first ingredients after salt were merely strong spices; instead I was excited by the reviews I had read in the past that said this tasted like real bacon or at least like facon. When I finally got my order, I tried one of each on some potato chips just to see what the flavor was like.

Anyone who says this tastes like real bacon, or even like Bacos, has no sense of taste. If you read any review telling you this tastes anything the least bit like bacon, assure yourself that the author is not to be trusted on any food review and move on.

It tastes like strong barbecue seasoning, nothing more. That’s fine if you want barbecue salt, but that’s not the name on the label. At best, there might be a very very vague hint of bacon buried underneath the overpowering influences of the onion and paprika. This was supposed to taste like bacon? Who puts garlic, paprika, or onions on bacon anyway? Shouldn’t bacon salt just taste like bacon? I’m more sensitive to onions than most people, so maybe the flavor came off far worse for me than it would for someone else. Even so the flavor was not only nowhere near the mark, but for me it was outright disgusting. This didn’t meet even my lowest expectations.

Quite aside from having wasted $15 on this garbage, J&D has earned my everlasting enmity for disgracing the good name of bacon. I hope someday someone will come along who can do this concept justice, but it obviously isn’t them.

JenelleHecla, SD

Not too bad, if you like MSG

Let me first say that I am a foodie. I smoke my own ribs, chicken, etc and when I make brisket it smokes slow and low for at least 14 hours. I have fresh herbs in my kitchen all year and I like to cook foods with robust flavor in styles from around the word. I am an avid reader of Cook’s Illustrated, Saveur, Bon Appetit, etc.

While an interesting novelty, this seasoning takes more like a standard smoke flavored BBQ seasoning than actual bacon in my opinion. What is worse is that all the flavors but the natural one contain MSG. MSG is something I try to avoid if at all possible because isn’t healthy and often gives me headaches. The natural version of this seasoning has less flavor than the rest unfortunately, as other reviewers have noted, as that is the only one I’m willing to use. If you love the taste of bacon I would recommend doing what professional chefs have done for years: reserve your bacon fat after cooking it and add a little as seasoning when you want the REAL taste of bacon.

EllySwainsboro, GA

Each jar is very small

I was a bit surprise at how little each bottle has. It tastes not bad.
LamonicaWatertown, MA

Just not that great

From the sparkling reviews, I expected an exceptional tasting spice. I just got it today, and I’ve only tried it on popcorn and cottage cheese, and it just didn’t do much for me. I grew up putting hickory smoke salt on popcorn and the crispy bacon bits on cottage cheese, and I cannot say that I prefer this product over either of those. It seems to take a lot of it, and it’s rather coarse, which doesn’t seem to cling to popcorn well (my primary reason for purchase). I recommend Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning (available at Walmart); a fine powdery seasoning to which you can add as much or as little salt as you like. I know it comes in parmesan, ranch and white cheddar, but no bacon:( Hickory smoke salt is great too.
AnnelieseGibson, IA

Bacon Salt

We find this product very tasty, but the sodium count per serving is a little high.
YvoneCampo Seco, CA

fair (to good) subsitute

Some reviews will tell you this is the best spice others will say this is fake tasting. To me and my bacon-loving-wife it’s a fair substitute. If you use this “salt” you will get a bacon flavor and you will get a little salt. This product will give you a bacon flavor. The dishes I have used it most in is my baked potato soup. The soup turns orange, but I do get a bacon flavor without having to add bacon. This can be a good substitute when bacon is not around. It will not take the place of bacon in all cooking. The part of the bacon that adds the most flavor is the fat. This can not be mimicked. Also, one of the things bacon adds is texture.

As I have said: good substitute. It’s also a good novelty item or something for the in-laws to talk about during supper.

GinetteMorrison, IL

Pretty good, but not perfect

I was pretty excited when I heard about Bacon Salt, and I couldn’t wait to try it. Unfortunately when it arrived I found it having too much of a fake MSG flavor. When tried on french fries, it tastes exactly like BBQ potato chips, not bacon-y enough.
JamesBingham, NE

Doesn’t make anything taste like bacon

because it isn’t bacon. It tastes like Baco’s, which don’t taste like bacon. I fail to understand how anyone who really loves bacon can be satisfied with an imitation.
TrinaFisher, IL

Healthy Alternative

I have health issues with ‘cured’ meat chemicals.
These products are ideal for me as I am an avid Bacon lover.
Can now have B/L/T sandwiches without the (bacon)fat!
AlinaCampus, IL


Brought this as a gift, the receiver is still chuckling, and uses it on everything.
SherellOak Hill, NY


Number 1… Remember the old ad that said, “a little dab will do ya”?

It seems to work better for me if I use a small amount and let it soak in the Juice.
I would like a very small touch of more bacon flavor.
And maybe, something like: BACON meets BUTTER BUDS.

DoreenStewartsville, NJ

Great bacon flavored salts.

Have bought these salts before and they are wonderful, especially on veggies with a little olive oil, garlic and lemon. They are all good, but the Hickory flavor is the best.
MeliaPelican Rapids, MN


Lets face it, everyone loves bacon. And what better way eat bacon then on… EVERYTHING!!! If you like bacon or even think you like bacon get this product!
MarnaNewport, NY

Love them!!!!

Our family loves bacon and we love all four of these flavors of bacon salt! My husband doesn’t tolerate MSG so he uses the Natural flavor. So glad they have that option for him. We love this salt sprinkled on popcorn and cooked vegetables. Excellent for weight loss as you get the bacon flavor without the calories.
ShenitaWebster, IA

So so

I’m not sure what I was really expecting when I ordered these, but they don’t seem to live up to what was said about them. They sort of have a bacon flavor, which is nice. But, it only works when I am able to get the stuff out of the container. It tends to get clogged.
IngaBonlee, NC

I love bacon!

I saw this item on tv and as one who tries to eat healthy, I don’t eat bacon often but I love it. When I saw no calories, I thought it was a godsend. I have tried it. It’s not bad, but it’s not bacon. BLT’s are definately not BLT’s with it. It is too salty for that. I do think it is fine to add a little flavor to your cooking but it seemed to have more salt than bacon flavor. As excited as I was to get it home to try it out, it has remained in my cabinet rarely used. I love bacon…REAL bacon…but this will do in soups and veggies.
YingBig Springs, WV

ok flavor, too much like bacon bits

ok flavor, tasted too much like bacon bits. i got it on sale and an extra $10 off. that made it worth it. regular price is way too high
DakotaLynn Center, IL


If you close your eyes , you will swear your eating bacon!!
The makers hit the mark with this one.
RenitaManchester, MD

Do you love bacon?

These seasonings are the best. It adds just enough of a bacon taste to make food mouth watering. My husband uses this seasoning on all types of meat and it’s a hit every time. Highly recommended!
EliciaSyracuse, KS


Tasty stuff – no complaints, other than I wish you could pick amongst the 4 selections, and perhaps avoid the “Peppered” flavored one, in favor of a different one.
LailaRedwood, MS

Bacon Lovers Rejoice!

This is an awesome seasoning if you love bacon. It adds flavor to any vegetables, but potatoes are the best. Use it on burgers and you won’t have the extra calories!
DesireBethel Park, PA