Jelly Belly Candy Corn, 10-Pound Bag

Candy Corn from Jelly Belly. Creamy vanilla flavor. Classic candy. This American classic has been made by our family of candymakers for over 100 years. No other candy corn can match its creamy, vanilla mellocreme texture. All Confections by Jelly Belly are certified OU Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Quick facts

  • One 10-pound bag of candy corn
  • Creamy, vanilla mellocreme texture
  • An American classic made by Jelly Belly’s family of candy makers for more than 100 years
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Soft and sweet flavor with a smooth texture you know and love
  • Net weight 10-pounds
  • Creamy vanilla mellocreme texture
  • American classic
  • Soft and sweet flavor; smooth texture
  • Made in USA

Top reviews

Disappointingly accurate sale.

When it arrived, I found, to my dismay, that the box was full of candy corn. Would not buy again.
LashundaHailesboro, NY

Not from Jelly Belly

Just like the other recent review…The order was for 10 pounds of Jelly Belly candy corn direct from Jelly Belly. Instead was delivered 10 pounds of cheap Brach’s candy corn.
MelisaMize, MS

Not Jelly Belly

I ordered because it says it is sent directly from Jelly Belly. We have gluten allergies and can only have Jelly Belly. Just came and they are from Brach’s. Cannot eat them. Very disappointed.
KendaMertzon, TX

Great Tasting Stuff

My family and I really enjoyed this product. You could taste the flavors, not just sweet. They were soft, a little chewy. Will buy again.
LigiaArpin, WI

Brach’s Candy Corn has Changed for the Worst

People need to know that Brach’s isn’t the same good product anymore. Not only is the candy corn shaped differently with the colors mottled throughout the corn, the taste is flat and chalky. There is no longer the honey flavor nor the mellowcreme texture. I used to love candy corn for its low fat and satisfying sweet. The pumpkins are flat and tasteless too. I contacted Brach’s and received no response of concern. The jelly beans are tasteless too, so gone is another brand that once was fun and happy and delicious. Am I the only one who has noticed the loss of quality?
MauroMineral Springs, AR

Very Disappointed

Said Jelly Belly, they are NOT can’t eat we have severe nut allergies and all but Jelly Belly are processed in a peanut and treenut facility.
BrigitteAdams, TN