Jelly Belly Licorice Jelly Beans, 10-Pound Box

Jelly Belly Licorice jelly beans in bulk. Fresh, vibrant flavor! Perfect for events like weddings!

Quick facts

  • One 10-pound bag of licorice-flavored jelly beans
  • Zero grams of fat; contains no gelatin, milk, eggs or any other dairy products
  • Certified Kosher, gluten-free and vegetarian
  • Only 4 calories per bean
  • Made in the U.S.

Top reviews

Not what I thought

These jelly beans were very unusual when they showed up. They came in a package without a jelly belly logo, the jelly beans themselves had no jelly belly logo, and I don’t really know if they were actually jelly bellys. I got them as a gift, so I didn’t try any of them, but it was odd giving a gift where it didn’t seem like they were anything special, like I’d bagged up some licorice jelly beans from the grocery store or something, big woop…so I was disappointed. And because they were a gift I had no idea what they tasted like. So were they really jelly bellys? Who knows? I felt silly giving them though.
ShantelConcord, IL

The black bean rules!

The Jelly Belly people actually put real licorice in these jelly beans. There is usually only one of the licorice beans in a bag of assorted beans, so if you love licorice, you can buy them solo. These are authentic tasting and really good. You can’t beat Jelly Belly for flavor.
WinfordStevenson, AL

This is an amazing Jelly Bean

I have met the creator/inventor of the Jelly Belly and I can report with full confidence, that this is one tasty Licorice Jelly Bean. A Jelly Belly is smaller than Jelly Beans and that is why Ronald Reagan liked them so much. My personal favorite flavor is Licorice. 5 STARS!
AugustineAlamo, GA

Jelly Belly

Just because I sent an order of these jelly beans
to my oldest son in Roswell, Georgia. He travels
a lot and enjoys a snack while he is driving and
he loves licorice jelly beans.

This would make a nice gift for any special person
in your life.

DanutaAccokeek, MD