Jensen’s Orchard Spinach & Artichoke Chips, 7-Ounce Bags

Organic, crispy spinach and artichoke flavored chips from Jensen’s orchard.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 7-ounce bags (total of 84 ounces)
  • Made with real spinach, artichoke and olive oil
  • No hydrogenated oils, trans fat or MSG

Top reviews


These chips are the bee’s knees, the cat’s pyjamas–the perfect snack. They’re absolutely delicious and have exactly the same green, garlicky flavor of spinach artichoke dip. Yum!

They’re thick chips and will stand up to any dip you want to pair them with, though dip is certainly not necessary. They’re also not as neon green as the picture indicates. They look like what you’d want them to, kind of speckled with bits of spinach and artichoke goodness.

These are by far my favorite of Jensen’s Orchard’s offerings, though they’re all very good.

NecoleReddick, FL

LOVE THESE! (spinach & artichoke)

I can’t even remember what store I originally discovered these in but I was happy to find them here on Amazon. Beware the box they come in though as it’s rather weak, my chips seemed OK when they arrived but the box was very beaten up and if your delivery guy isn’t as good as mine you may end up with some tiny chips. Even my fiance loves these and he’s more of a carnivore, he wouldn’t generally think to pick up something veggie like these. Not that they’re all that healthy as they are still potato chips for the most part, but they don’t require dip to give them any flavor.
NevadaFairburn, GA