Jeremiah’s Pick Coffee Kona Blend, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag

We roast our coffee daily. ensuring that the coffee you buy is fresh. We use only the finest Arabica beans from the world’s premier coffee-growing regions. Our flavor is what sets us apart. You’ll taste the difference in these distinctive blends and varietals. The surprising combinations of pure and robust flavors will fulfill the desires of even the most sophisticated coffee lover. We are certified kosher by Vaad Hakashrus of Northern California.

Quick facts

  • One 5-pound bag
  • Blend of Colombia Supremo beans and beans from Big Island of Hawaii’s Kona region
  • Sweet and mellow with medium acidity and full flavor
  • 100% arabica beans: lower in caffeine, more flavorful and aromatic than robusta beans
  • Roasted in San Francisco, CA

Top reviews

Makes an excellent, smooth, flavorful espresso shot

The true test of a coffee’s flavor for me is to drink it as espresso. I’ve been roasting my own coffee for years, but mix it up sometimes by buying already roasted coffee. This coffee has a great flavor with no bitter after taste when I drink a shot from my espresso machine. When I drink it as regular coffee, I’ll blend several of my favorite beans to get more complex flavors. If you really want to find your favorite coffee, do a blind taste test. It’s fun and you might be surprised at which coffee you choose when your preconceived notions are taken out of the equation.
PalmiraMenard, IL

An average coffee

I purchased this coffee because I tend to like Kona blends, but this is far from the best of the bunch. I rate it average because that’s how it tastes. Nothing there to make me want to purchase it again when I have tasted other brands that were better. Unfortunately a five pound bag will last a long time.
RonnieBrowns, IL


This is my first experience with Kona and I find it very flavorful.

Perhaps I’ll examine more expensive types of Kona in the future, but right now this is priced right and delivers a good cup of joe.

JulieannGreentown, OH

Not quality coffee beans

These beans are so dry they crumble. Horrible coffee. Reminds me of the starbuck’s beans you get at Walmart. Yuck. Avoid at all costs, they are not what they appear.
FredricEdgefield, SC

Okay coffee

A lot of reviews say this coffee is smooth, my wife and I disagree. We think it is very bitter. We will not order these beans again but are open to trying other Jeremiah’s products…
MayeCoalville, UT

Good Coffee, Not a Great Coffee

First, I have to confess that I expected this Kona blend to knock my socks off. It didn’t do that, or even come close to it, but it is a perfectly adequate coffee even if it is not what I would call a great coffee. It is very mild, not bitter, and can be made in various strengths according to individual preference with no bitter after-taste. I don’t feel that I wasted my money but I am not sure I shall buy Jeremiah’s Kona Blend again.
FumikoSummit Hill, PA

Great Mild-medium flavored coffee

My wife and I have slightly different tasates in coffee, I like mine darker and she like a milder coffee. This one however is just right for both of us. I drink it daily without cream or sugar (which I only do when I actually enjoy the flavor of the coffee). And we are on our second 5 pound bag! I wish we had found this coffee sooner, it is great.
EmeritaColumbus, IN

Savory and Smooth

I like a good cup of Joe and when our friends turned us on to Kona coffee we were instant fans. But the cost was killing us. So when I saw that Amazon had their new grocery line I was on it checking out their price. This is a great cup of Kona for the price. I hate bitter coffee – this is smooth.
MackenzieGallman, MS

Solid Coffee Pick

Jeremiah’s Kona Blend is a good tasting, middle of the road coffee bean. While not as flavorful as J’s Fogbuster, the Kona is light and mellow, offering a nice change of pace for dark roast drinkers. I brew in a french press most mornings, but when I ran it through a drip machine for company the flavor became too slight. Be prepared to grind a lot of beans if you brew drip. Overall a good pick and a good value.
LeolaPalatine, IL

Good coffee for the price

This Kona blend has smooth flavor and good taste for the price. I would definately consider buying this again as 100% Kona coffee is very expensive, so this makes for a nice compromise. As long as you know that when you are purchasing this product that it is a blend, it is my belief that you won’t be dissapointed.
GracieHutchinson, MN

Kona Blend lacks flavor.

I found Jeremiah’s Pick Kona Blend lacking flavor. I tried every trick I know to bring out all the taste it had but still found it weak.
ContessaElmira, CA

Jeremiah’s Coffee Beans

These beans produce a nice tasting brew. However, the beans look old and dry. After opening the bag, I immediately put them into 1 pound bags and froze, hoping to extend the life of the beans.
CarolShawnee, OK

Yum Yum

Great coffee from a familiar maker, this kona blend really rocks and the price is unbeatable anywhere!
AnjanetteRound Top, TX

Great price for GREAT coffee!

We really liked Jeremiah’s Pick Fogbusters coffee in the five pound whole bean package, so I ordered this one for a bit of variety. We’re SO pleased!

Yes, it’s a blend (what did you expect for the price?), but the mellow smoothness of the Kona really comes through and makes for an outstanding pot of coffee. Without the almost-bitter notes of the Fogbuster, this Kona blend is complex, rich and delicious.

For a 12 cup drip coffeemaker, I use two and a quarter coffee scoops of the beans and grind for 15 seconds. It’s perfect, and way better than Maxwell House or Folgers. Highly recommended!

DesiraeOnset, MA

Great coffee

It took a long time for me to receive this coffee, but it was worth the wait! I’m spoiled now and I find that regular coffee is lacking in flavor.
ReinaGrimes, IA


It was a nice product with a value price what can I say but great job and thank you
MaritzaLacona, NY


Very happy with product. Roast is just like I like it, not too light, not too dark. Makes a nice cup of coffee with just enough of the Kona to make it enjoyable.
CarmellaRedmon, IL

Fantastic coffee!

It is a great coffee, my husband and I bought 18 different coffee’s made cappuccino, espresso and latte. This coffee is great for everything, no after taste or bitter residue.
MaryleeGreenview, CA

Very harsh coffee

This coffee is NOT what I expected! I have had Kona coffee before which was spectacular! I guess that is what I was looking for. But you will not find it here. This is a blend, and that is probably why. I will never buy this again!
LakeishaDellrose, TN

Not what expected

We usually drink french roast coffee (San Francisco Bay) that we grind daily and we’ve been enjoying that kind of coffee for a while. We were visiting friends and we were served coffee which tasted very good and it was a bit milder than what we drink, so I asked about the brand and was told it was Jermiah’s Kona mixed with some french roast. I ordered my bag from Amazon and the shipment was prompt and well packaged. As for the coffee, it was terrible: stale, no aroma, beans were dry. I figured that since I have the bag I might as well brew some and the result was undrinkable coffee. I tried it by itself, mixed 1/2 french roast, 1/4 …without any success. I don’t know if I got a stale bag or what, but my experience left me with a bad taste. Amazon was great and they offered a refund. Thank you Amazon!
TemikaNew Cumberland, PA

Best coffee for price.

We were given a pound of kona as a gift and loved it so i was tasked with finding a coffee for everday use thaT tasted close. Well after looking at the cost per pound of what we were using, starbucks breakfest blend at 12.00 per lb and then buying this at around 8.00 per lb it was a no brainer. I don’t know I didn’t do this years ago.
I honestly can not tell the difference between the 100% kona and this blend and its priced at a little more than folgers?
I hate to put this reveiw out there for fear that the price of this and availablity will be affected.
SherronMilliken, CO


This coffee has a very nice rich flavor without being bitter or over powering. I use it in my espresso machine and regular drip maker. It is very good coffee although a bit pricey… but worth it to a coffee lover such as myself.
EulaliaEffingham, NH

Good Flavor

Been drinkin gormet coffee many years now, bunch of different brands and roasters. It’s hard to beat the Coffee Fool for quality and freshness, but I’ve come back to this Jerimias’ pick for the quality and the savings I get here at Amazon. Its a great value and superb freshness–you’ll be very pleased!
KellyeRoberts, IL

Great Price – How Much Kona Coffee????

Good product for the price. It could be a little smoother which is what Kona is noted for. Would like to know just how much Kona is in the ‘blend’. I don’t think it is as much as when you buy it on amazon in one pound packages. Overall I’m still happy to have 5 pounds on hand.
StaciaHamden, OH

Excellent Mild Flavored Blend

I thought this blend was an excellent alternative to the regular coffee I buy. Jeremiah’s Pick Fogbuster is my preferred coffee, however if you are not of fan of bold coffee and want a solid mild coffee…The Kona Blend is an excellent choice.
DaronWoodburn, KY

Burnt, with subtle tones of burnt

I like my coffee black, but found this pretty much undrinkable without milk, and my office mates agreed. It really does just taste charred. I’m not sure if it’s all like this or I just got a bad batch. Anyways, the price isn’t bad, but I can’t recommend this to anyone. I’m still looking for a good, reasonably priced 5lb bag.
WallaceBridgton, ME

Great coffee, great price…only wish it was offered as organic

This has been our new go-to coffee. It’s got a balanced taste and smells great. Good price for the bag, too.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that I wish they offered it as an Organic option.

NumbersConestee, SC

Great way to start the day!!

This is great coffee. I make 8 cups every day and we use extra when we have company. I have a bag sent to me every month. It is the best coffee. I have had many compliments on it. I got a rubbermaid container that has a handle and pours and it holds the whole thing. I grind the beans every night when I set up my machine and it is very fresh. We like strong, but not bitter coffee and we drink it black no sugar. This is rich full bodied but never bitter or acidic tasting. I have been using it for over a year and I will continue to use it until they no longer sell it. My in-laws like it so much I am planning to get them a subscription for Christmas. We used to use Gevalia, but this is far superior and less than half the price. When I first ordered it I was afraid we would not like it because it was so cheap. It is the cheapest stuff I have ever bought. I only bought it because a reviewer that was reviewing a different coffee I planned to get recommended this instead.
CherryComstock, MI


Jeremiah’s Pick Coffee Kona Blend, Whole Bean Coffee, I am addicted to it !!! I buy it every time it even gets close to running out. The folks at Jeremiah’s Pick are very prompt and every order is right on time or early. Everyone has their own taste but as far as I am concerned , this is the best coffee I have ever drank !!!
KristieArchibald, LA

good, but better first time

The first time I ordered coffee, it was fresh and sealed tight. Second order the coffee wasn’t as fresh. Good price though for bulk
DamienLiberty, PA