Jerky Treats Plus Dog Snacks with American Beef – Now in a 3.5 Lbs Reusable B


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unhealthy treats

My dogs loved this product. Unfortunately I will never order it again because the ingredients are so unhealthy. Big mistake not to have read them before ordering.
KristiPocono Summit, PA


My dog loves these Jerky Treats. The purchase was fast and easy. However, in retrospect I believe they were too expensive and the price is much better at Costo. But if you can’t make a trip to Costco … or if Costco is out of them … then this is the place to go!
TamikaGlasco, KS

my dog loves these

My dog loves these jerky treats. My grocery store stopped carrying them. Bought them here in the large economy pack which is great. Love the container, can see how many are left and it seals itself.
FranciscaFord Cliff, PA

Contains BHA

After eating Jerky Treats from Costco for a couple of years, my dog died at the age of 6 1/2 of cancer. I do not have evidence naturally, but after reading numerous posts on BHA, this could have been a contributing factor. BE CAREFUL.
ElsieMacksburg, OH

My dogs favorite treat!

These Jerky treats are my 2 dogs favorite dogs treat. I found that if I reward them with this treat, I can motivate them to learn or do anything!
ChanaRoselawn, IN

My dog’s favorite treat.

We have a St Bernard . I buy these treats and she loves them. She will sit and bark when she wants one. I like that I can get them locally and the package says they are made in the USA. I only wish they were either a little cheaper in cost or was bigger like a bag of dog food at a good price. I like the fact that they have beef and lamb although my dog prefers beef she will eat lamb too. They are made in the USA put America to work I recommend these treats.
HaroldMontross, VA