Jet Tea Mango Mania Smoothie Mix 64 oz

A 16 oz. serving contains a half pound of real fruit, and it’s loaded with other good stuff such as Vitamin C and antioxidant-rich green tea. But it doesn’t taste like tea! It tastes like the thickest, fruitiest, smoothie you’ve ever had! No refrigeration is necessary until the carton is opened and the shelf life is a minimum of six months! After opening, your JetTea® is good in the refrigerator for four weeks

Quick facts

  • 64 oz carton
  • Easy to make: just add ice
  • No refrigeration til you open
  • Great alone or as a mixer

Top reviews

Incredible Mango flavor

This stuff is amazing! It’s $4.50 at my favorite coffee place but much cheaper to make at home. It has an intense mango flavor and is super easy to make as a smoothie. Just put ice in a blender, pour the mix over and blend. I also add yogurt on occasion or sherbet and it is so good. It’s also great over ice cream or sherbet right out of the container.
CorrineBakerton, KY

mmmmm good

The Jet drinks are unbelievable, they are so natural tasting, full of REAL fruit juices not one ounce of artificial taste in them. That mixed with the tea, which I don’t taste, makes them so healthy! I had gotten a Mango one at a culinary school and went online to find if I could purchase a box and have made them for the whole family in the blender. I have gotten alot of servings from one box Very Satisfied!!!
TrumanSullivan, NH