JFC Fresh Udon Bowl, 8.29-Ounce Containers

An integral part of the Asian diet, noodles are used for soups, salads, and stir fries. These thick, soft udon noodles are packaged in their own serving bowl with a seasoning packet. Ready in minutes, this noodle soup makes a tasty, nutritious meal or snack.

Quick facts

  • Udon noodles are used for soups, salads, and stir fries; in their own serving bowl with a seasoning packet; ready in minutes; nutritious
  • Nutritious
  • Perfect for lunch, dinner or as a snack

Top reviews

Contains sugars AND artificial sweeteners!!!

I know instant noodles aren’t considered to be a health food, but I can’t see any reason for some of the ingredients in this soup, unless it’s to hide other poor quality ingredients. Most of the ingredients are chemical sounding names that I had never heard of, so I looked them up. Among them, propylene Glycol is a colourless viscous hydroscopic sweet-tasting compound used as an antifreeze and brake fluid (WTF!!!), and most of the others I couldn’t find (even using Google). Then there are the 8 — that’s not a misprint; I said eight — times sugar in its various forms are mentioned in the ingredient list: Sorbitol, Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters, High Fructose Syrup, Glucose, sugar (listed THREE times), sweet cooking wine. Then after adding all that sugar, they added an artificial sweetener (Sucralose).

I don’t care how easy this is to make — or how good it tastes! With all the sugar it contains, anybody who is the least bit sensitive to sugar (for instance, diabetics or hypoglycemics) would really experience major sugar overload from eating it!

AudieBeulah, MO

Ignore “Food Police”-Tastes great, easy to prepare

With all due respect to “Mama Bear” what’s important to me is that it tastes OK and is easy to prepare. It does taste great, and in spite of all of the “chemicals” listed in the previous review, has only 386 calories. If you spend 1.5 hours a day working out, as do I, that’s not a huge issue. I agree, it is important to be aware of various ingredients, but IMHO not necessary to obsess over them. Much better than what you can pick up in the local grocery store..and now that I’ve gotten this off my chest, I may go down to Burger King and celebrate with a double whopper cheese.
KailaBeemer, NE

Great taste

Despite the poor review below, this instant Udon Bowl is suprisingly delicious. This instant udon bowl is so delicious, most people can’t tell the difference between Udon served at a restaurant, and the Udon from this bowl. I love adding an egg to my meal with this udon, I just plop it in there, with bowling water, and boom. Fresh Udon with egg. Can’t be beat. Enjoy!
LonnyUnion Springs, NY

Almost like the other brand;

I bought the other brand at CostCo to start but they are constantly running out. I just received the six pack of JFC version. It teasts just a tad spicer than the Nicoshama brand. I love fresh Udon so I’ll stick with the other brand that I subscribed to.
AnishaSan Jon, NM

Deployment Food

If you’re looking for something tasty while on a deployment overseas, then this is a fantastic choice. It holds well and you can squirrel it away for when you want to give yourself a treat. It’s quick/easy to make and the broth is really flavorful. Noodles are soft and there are little naruto in there (if you’re into that sort of thing).
JacindaAvondale, WV

Light broth and tasty thick Udon noodles

After a long day of work, add water, 5 minutes later, dinner is done. How easy is that! Compare to other soft noodles (e.g. ramen) and its usual flavored content, this totally worth the price. The broth is light and tasty. I especially like thick and chewy udon noodles. I believe JFC Udon Bowl also has a Curry flavor Udon variety, that one is very salty, not great tasting as this one.
AdrienBlaine, OH

Authentic Noodles and Soup

The noodles are fresh, not dried. The soup is tasty and I wouldn’t be disappointed if a restaurant served me this.
NickiEdgeley, ND


I’ve been eating these for years. The taste is savory, the noodles are easily slurped, and there are plenty of little ingredients in the packaging. I can honestly say I’ll be eating these for a while. ^.^
CecileHumphrey, AR

Not a fan

I got these because I like the Myojo curry flavored ramen and thought I’d give these a try. Something about the texture is off. The udon are too dense. Even with soaking them in hot water, draining, then adding water for the soup, they’re still too dense. The curry flavor is okay, pretty mild, but there seems to be some weird after taste, like maybe these have been in the plastic packaging too long. Either way, I’m going to stick with more expensive Japanese udon or the Nong Shim udon which has the right texture and no weird after taste.
JanellaLake Pleasant, MA


On the label, it says “FRESH UDON,” and whoa… was I surprised how good the udon tasted for an instant package that you could prepare in 3 min. The udon noodles itself had that solid, chewy texture that was just right. This soup has really good flavor and I would say it’s the best instant udon that I’ve eaten so far.
DominicGlen Ellyn, IL

Good Quick Meal

The soup is pretty flavorful and almost tastes like restaurant quality. I usually add water above the line because it still tastes good and not watered down. Noodles are a bit hard, but I guess that’s why you have to microwave for 3 minutes.
KimberSteep Falls, ME