Jfc International Inarizsushi No Moto, 10-Ounce


Quick facts

  • 24-10 ounce Cans
  • All natural
  • Contains Tofu
  • Easy open top
  • Product of Japan

Top reviews

Good; very thin slices

I was expecting a tin of chunky pieces of fried tofu. This contains actually a bunch of very thin slices, more like fried tofu skins. There are a LOT in the little can, and they are rich and satisfying, so you don’t need a lot per serving. I would estimate that each slice is about 2″ long by 1″ wide? (haven’t measured, just guessing). The jar is crammed very full, so they are a little difficult to extract at first, but you get your money’s worth. They are seasoned in a light sauce which appears to be basically like soy with a little oil, which is pleasant and neutral enough that these can be thrown into probably any savory dish you are preparing (wouldn’t add to anything sweet however; although if you rinsed them well, it might work; I haven’t tried that).

The taste is very light and they are a little chewy and overall very good.

I am very happy to have found this product and will keep them on hand in my pantry as an easy way to add protein to quick meals.

RolfWaynesboro, VA