JFC Kimchi Furikake, 1.7-Ounce

Kimchi Furikake for suchi seasoning, rice seasoning, or your favorite salad or sandwich. Traditionally used on sushi, in addition goes well with many other of your preferred meals.

Quick facts

  • Rice Seasoning

Top reviews

One word: delicious

I was introduced to rice seasoning by a Japanese friend and I’ve enjoyed every one of the eight or so seasonings I’ve tasted. I found Kimchi Furikae recently at a local Asian store thought I’d try it, so glad I did it’s the best I’ve tasted so far! In fact everyone who’s tried it loves it, especially the kids. Unlike the others, this one has a light crunch, it’s a tiny bit spicy (chili & wasabi…but it doesn’t seem to bother my 13 & 8 yr old’s or our neighbors 6 yr old), it slightly sweet too..why the kids must like it. The entire thing was gone in a week! Love it & would order her if the shipping wasn’t $5.95. Going today to pick up a few from the Asian store for $3.59. Just sprinkle over rice but best if you form balls out of sticky rice & sprinkle on top like my friend from Japan show me. Enjoy!
CreolaNew Hartford, NY