Jim’s Organic Coffee Whole Bean Together Decaf — 12 oz

Whole bean coffee. Exclusively certified organic by the USDA. Jims Organic Coffee is organic, grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Organic coffee improves the ecosystem of the farms and surrounding communities through improved water quality, topsoil retention, and increased biodiversity. These organic coffees (the very finest in cup quality) are slowly hand-roasted to deliver you a rich, full and clean cup. You will discover the benefits of Jims Organic Coffee through the comfort of its organic origin, our personal selection and roast, and in the happiness derived from its delicious taste. With Jims Organic Coffee your enjoyment goes beyond taste, and into peace of mind Jims Organic Coffee roasts, packs, and distributes exclusively certified organic coffee. Jims Organic Coffee is grown under shade canopy. Jims Organic Coffee works with farmers and pays premium prices for premium quality; thus allowing farms to treat their land, air and water tables with respect AND sustain themselves and their communities.

Quick facts

  • Whole bean coffee
  • Jim’s Organic Coffee

Top reviews

Best tasting decaf

I love coffee. But a few years back I learned that caffeine was really messing with my adrenal glands so I decided to clean up my system. I found a few good coffee substitutes, but still craved that true coffee flavor.

This is one of the BEST decaf coffee’s I have ever had. I also won’t buy a decaf unless it uses the Swiss Water Process, and this is also organic. If I am going to spend the money on quality coffee, I want the best. This is it.

YettaEdina, MO