Jolly Rancher Stix Cherry 36 Pack

Jolly rancher sticks provide joy to everyone. Cherry flavor jolly ranchers taste just like the real thing! These delicious hard candies are so good you’ll be wanting more.

Quick facts

  • Ships fast and fresh!!
  • 36 individually wrapped standard sized bars!

Top reviews

Only way to get all Cherry

Cherry Jolly Ranchers are definitely the best flavor (calm down fans of other flavors–this is just one guy’s opinion), and this package was the only way to get just the Cherry. They arrived fresh and tasty, exactly as hoped. Some of the other stix from different suppliers are a bit “off” in taste and sort of melted within each wrapper.
SheridanAusterlitz, NY

Not old, just eternally sticky.

These candies were the “rage” when I was in High School and part of the allure was the fact that you did not unwrap them but instead cracked them (unopened) against your desk into bite sized pieces. The dust from this would loosen the candy from the sides, leaving you with an nice little tube to pour from. No one unwrapped them first…I guess you know why. Does any one else out there remember this?
TanaEast Hartford, CT

As good as the lil candy, but hard to unwrap

I got a variety bag of hard candies for Halloween this year, and it had Apple & Watermelon Stix. I agree with Cola 1000, no matter how I tried to unwrap them: cold from the fridge, room temperature, slightly warm from pant pocket .. I always had bits of wrapper plastic stuck to the candy. I do not think it is because of ‘old stock’, it is just how they are. I am thinking of emailing Hershey and suggesting they very lightly spray the inside of the wrapper with food grade mineral oil so the candy does not stick.
NanaValier, MT

Sent me old product

So far I have opened about 10 of the stix and all of the package sticks to the jolly rancher. I am guessing this is due to the product being old. No matter how carefully I try to open it I end up try to pick off and scratch away the wrapper from the jolly rancher. Not happy with my purchase!
KashaTemple, NH

My favorites

I love Jolly Rancher Stix because I can break it in pieces and enjoy it for longer time while I’m working or simply watching tv. They came well package and solid, no broken pieces. The taste is the same as always.
JustinNew Market, IA

Crunchy but chewable!!! And Cherry!!!!!!!!!!

I hate the other jolly fancher flavors so this seemed like the best way to get all cherry flavor. I like the sticks better as you can actually chew on them without breaking your teeth off. They are just as hard as the regular square ranchers, but the stick form allows them to be more brittle for biting and crunching. Yummmy!
BoMount Union, IA

2/3 Jolly Ranchers Broken

Even with having the film on the outside of the box, and being individually wrapped the majority of the Jolly Ranchers were broken. It was hard to tell this by just looking at the box, you can’t really tell until you get everything unwrapped. Besides being broken, the Jolly Ranchers were as advertised, all cherry (the best flavor) and there were 36 in the box.
RhettJamesville, VA

Love them, but like the individual pieces better

I have looked EVERYWHERE for the individual, single-flavor boxes of Jolly Rancher cherry flavor. Does anyone know if this format has been discontinued? I love the Stix, but you can’t always take them along for a quick, unobtrusive snack.
AngelenaPalm Desert, CA