Jols Sugar Free Pastilles, Forest Berry, 0.88-Ounce Boxes

Jols Sugar Free Fruit Pastilles are made with real fruit juice flavor. Available Flavors: Blackcurrant, Orange, and Forest Berries Flavor. Contains No Sugar * No Fat * Natural Fruit Flavor * Natural Color.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, each box holds 0.88 ounce (total of 10.56 ounce)
  • Sugar free pastilles
  • Gives you real fruit juice flavor
  • These berry-flavored pastilles are flavored with natural fruit juice flavors and concentrated real fruit juices
  • High in fiber, leaves no aftertaste and are imported from Switzerland

Top reviews

Uses aspartame!

Sugar free OK but WHY do they use aspartame? Leaves a bitter taste! Would be much better with Splenda! Splenda is great, Aspartame is horrible
AngelesChurch Rock, NM


Unbelievable taste for a sugar free candy. Jols Sugar Free Pastilles, Forest Berry, 0.88-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12) I had a problem with the shipping but Amazon took care of it fast.
AnnitaRoll, AZ

JOLS!!!! Glorious JOLS!!!

When my husband and I lived in Nashville TN, we stumbled across these in a Fresh Market store. I quickly fell in love with them due to their low calorie refreshing fruity flavor. I would often have them after a meal as a palate cleanser or in place of gum during the day. When we moved to VA, I could not find them ANYWHERE.

All of a sudden they showed up on Amazon for a great place and I have my JOLS again!! The forest berry was the only kind I had ever had before however now I am a huge fan of the orange as well. If you are a pastille fan or like “Ricola Pearls” you will be a big fan of Jols!

Thank you Amazon for bringing back my must have candy as they are incredibly hard to find and expensive everywhere else!

AmyLeaf River, IL

Delicious candies

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. Sugar free candies can be pretty gross, so I had my fingers crossed. turns out, they are really good! Fruity and a little minty, no artificial after-taste at all, and not sickeningly sweet like some artificially sweetened candies. I’ll definitely be ordering them again. They’re pricey, but worth it for that occasional treat.
NarcisaDecker, IN

Delicious Low-Carb Treat

I love this product. Sometimes on a low-carb diet you just want something sweet to chew on. Each Jol candy lasts a long time. Only problem is they can cause stomach problems (if you know what I mean) if you eat more than one a day. There is a warning to this effect on the box. Too bad, as I could eat them all day.
The berry flavored Jols are very good. The orange flavored Jols are ok, but kind of odd tasting…but I like them anyway. Bottom Line: Inexpensive candy that lasts a long time in the mouth…just don’t eat too many in one day.
AletheaCurtisville, PA

Diabetic freindly, delicious taste

They pastilles are a tiny treat that melts slowly in your mouth and provides a lot of flavor without an aftertaste.
MelaniaMark, IL


i ate so many of these while i was low carb dieting… really helped curb cravings. just wish it wasn’t so expensive.
RosariaCreswell, OR


First found in Australia. Really like the fruit flavor, not too sweet, and chewy. Love it. Wish they can be found in supermarket and grocery store like tictac.
RethaCumberland Foreside, ME


These small, sugar-free treats are great. they have a lot of flavor for such a small size and don’t seem sugar free at all. my kids even go after them. a bit pricey but i like them.
JuanaSouth English, IA

Great Taste!

My husband and I love these. Have ordered several times and will do so again.
AndrewNew Albin, IA

These are the best!

Have been eating these for years and could no longer find them in the Baltimore area. Ordered from Amazon and had wonderful service. The Forest Berry flavor is hands down the favorite of my grandchildren and me! Please continue to make these available!!!!
KarolTelluride, CO