Jolt ELECTRIC BLUE GLASS LONGNECKS – “Powerfully Blue Is Good For You”, 12-Ounce Glass Bottle

Caffeine x 2 With more caffeine than any other soda, Jolt products pack a wallop! Electric Blue features an authentic blue raspberry taste for a flavorful caffeinated experience. Sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup.

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Jolt Blue again, at long last!

While the flavor of Jolt Blue has changed due to the change to corn syrup from sugar back in the day, it’s still pretty much the same thing that it always was. It’s still tasty (and where else are you going to get blue raspberry soda?) and it still packs the same caffeine punch that it always did. Tasty, and in the classic bottles — what more could I ask for?
TeishaLamar, AR

Love it!

I love Jolt and can remember when I use to be able to get it at just about every gas station. But now its harder to find. So happy when I found it on amazon, and its still awesome as always! Can’t wait until they get more in stock!
VicenteHubbardston, MA