Jones Natural Chews Top Crest 1 per pack

Meaty smoked top slice of the crown knuckle 1 1/2-2in slice. Shrinkwrapped. All NaturalGreat Dog Chew

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  • Jones Natural Chews Top Crest 1 per pack Dog Bone

Top reviews

more wasted floor space

I thought this would be full of flavor and my dog would go nuts over it. He uses it as a toy instead of a treat, he loves to hide his toys for later And him being a ridgeback who goes nuts when you move his hidden stuff he will look for it all over until he finds it so basically im stuck with this stinky thing.
SirenaBeatty, NV

Eh – you can do better for the money

I bought a few of these to try them out and was not too impressed. They don’t have much meat on them and my dogs doesn’t go crazy for them.

For this price you’re much better off buying cow gullet or lamb trotter bones, which have a lot more meat and dogs love.

AnnamarieRancho Cucamonga, CA