Jones, Soda Cream Soda, 12-Fluid Ounce


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Ordered Amazon 4/3/11 $64.44 Never received. Charged Visa 4/6/11

24 bottles Jones Cream Soda ordered from Amazon 4/3/11 charged to my Visa 4/6/11 $64.44 Amazon via Red Tag Sales. Product never received.
MireyaNew Point, IN

Cotton Candy Lovers Rejoice!

It tastes like liquid cotton candy, delicious… I love the little words inside the lids 🙂
I love Jones, it’s something outside the ‘mainstream’ and almost every flavor is wonderful. Definitely love the crisp flavors and the classic glass bottles. You can’t beat it!
VilmaLouisa, KY

Best cream soda out there!

This is definitely the most delicious cream soda available. It tastes like… liquid vanilla cake! The bottles are gorgeous too and really good quality. Nothing to complain about at all!
AlethaHolbrook, NY


Jones is known for it’s quirkly flavors. So it’s a little surprising to see them come up with cream soda, which is a pretty regular flavor. It’s not bad, the only thing is that Jones comes up with their own take of cream soda. To me it tasted a little metallic, certainly it’s not your regular cream soda taste. So if it’s your run of the mill cream soda flavor you’re after, this isn’t it. If you’re a fan of Jones and want their take on their cream soda flavor, then it’s definitely for you.
LorindaSylvester, TX