Joseph’s Matlitol Sweetener 12 fl. oz.


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Use with caution, and close proximately to a bathroom

I’m currently doing the Jorge Cruise “low sugar/carb” diet (which works)and Matlitol is called for in some of his recipes. Well, no where did it say that if you use it, you’re likely to have stomach issues, and by issues I mean severe gas and diarrhea. Sorry to be graphic, but better you know what you’re getting yourself into before hand. It took almost 24 hours to “return to normal”.

If you have no issues with the above, give it a try, it tasted fine. You may want to Google Matlitol side effects for more information. I will not make any more recipes that call for this.

IdellMalta, OH


Buyer Beware Please! This sweetener is not for everybody. Maltitol is an alcohol sugar and can be undigestible in the body. You will know a short time after consuming it if you are one of the unsuspecting many who cannot digest it by the extreme intestinal bloating and cramping and massive amounts of gas a person can experience. Nausea, diarrhea & headaches can also be experienced. I learned my lesson the hard way years ago when I fell in love with the sugar-free chocolates suzanne sommers used to sell. I thought I’d found sugar-free chocolate nirvana at first taste but the bliss was short lived when the terrible side effects of maltitol kicked in. The discomfort was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I blew up like a balloon and had very painful abdominal cramping. As the symptoms passed, this too was very unpleasant. Though hard for me to believe a low calorie sweetener could be the culprit, all symptoms were gone when I stopped eating the chocolate. My hunch it had something to do with the maltitol were unfortunately confirmed for me about a year later when I purchased some delicious sugar-free popcorn at my local market. The taste was amazing and while I was looking at the label wondering what could possibly make this yummy, new sugarfree treat taste so good, my heart sank when I followed the little asterisk next to sugarfree sweetener* down to the very bottom of the label and read “maltitol” in tiny little letters! Thank goodness I’d eaten only a little. I still ended up with the same side-effects but for a much shorter duration. Some people can use maltitol to their heart’s content but others, like me, can have a bad reaction to it. In case you’re like me, … it’s not you … it’s the maltitol!
VictorCass City, MI