Joseph’s Sugar Free Maple Flavor Syrup, 12oz

All Natural Maple Flavor Sugar Free Syrup.

Quick facts

  • Sugar Free
  • Maple Flavor
  • All Natural
  • 0 Grams Net Impact Carbs per Serving

Top reviews

Beware the maltitol sweetener…

I tried this syrup just to avoid all the calories in regular maple syrup. I used a moderate amount on my pancakes and thought it tasted pretty good. About an hour after eating, I began to paying the price for consuming a product containing maltitol as the sweetener. I’ve never had so much gas and intestinal discomfort (for about 8 hours). These are well known side-effects of consuming this sugar alcohol and I am quite surprised it’s been mentioned in only 1 other review of this product on Amazon. Just Google “maltitol side effects” and you’ll get the picture. In my opinion, this product should be not be sold until it is reformulated with another sweetener. There are much better sweeteners than maltitol.
MargRavensdale, WA

watch your sugar alcohol!

Sugar alcohols (such as maltitol) have laxative properties. If you are like my diabetic son (10yrs old), you pour a LOT of syrup on your waffles. The result can be loose stools and stomach cramps.

The taste is fine.

KaiBisbee, ND

Type II diabetics beware!

I purchased this product shortly after being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I have to agree with the other reviewers concerning the taste and texture of this syrup – it’s amazing! BUT, for those of us who follow a strict diet and have an understanding of the glycemic index – the maltitol syrup used in this product has a GI of 75 ( table sugar = 100 )- which means that a sharp rise in blood sugar can be noted after consuming even a normal serving size of this syrup. The first time I used it I was very upset by my blood sugar test results 2 hours after eating but attributed the rise to the sugar in the pancake mix. The second time I used it, I had the same result but this time there was no sugar in the french toast……. So if you are only trying to use this product to lose or control your WEIGHT, then I’d say go for it. But diabetics, be cautious, and check your blood sugar levels.
SallieAstoria, SD

don’t buy at amazon

First – let me say this is far and away the best sugar-free syrup I’ve ever had. It’s not watery, and has a great mapley flave. Five stars for Joseph’s.

However, I have no idea why Amazon charges so much! Go to, their home webpage, and you can get for less than $3. Seriously. Google it first if you think I’m making this up. I’ve seen it on Amazon for as high as $9 a bottle, and you can get it direct for $3?!?

I’ve lost a lot of my Amazon love since seeing some things like this, and then their whole middle finger to IL (anyone who was an affiliate in IL amazon gave the boot to because of Gov. Quinn’s decision to tax them – thanks amazon for adding injury to insult and taking away the little guy’s revenues too).

AdamBiggs, CA

Tastes great, yet will NEVER BUY AGAIN!

This sweetener although highly expensive $9.99 for a tiny bottle tasted like the real thing. I used it on my low carb pancakes. Within the hours I had horrible stomach cramps and was very gassy. I thought it might be the pancakes but I used the syrup to sweeten something else. Again with the Gas Pains, I read reviews online that others suffered from the same problem due to the sugar substitute that is utilized. The bottle is around 80% full and will never use it again.
MckinleyStendal, IN

Amazon Product Researchers BEWARE!

All of these wonderful reviews! LOOK at the DATES: 2004, 2006. I’m sure that the product is good but, all of these reviews were written long before Splenda Brand sweeteners were being used in products. Just read them with this word of caution! Amazon does carry an excellent brand of syrup that is sweetened with Splenda.
MyrticeNew Wilmington, PA

Taste like the regular sweetened maple syrup except for…..

The gas and diarhhea I experienced about 5 hrs. later, OMG!!. I guess everyone doesn’t experience the intestinal issues that can come with the maltitol and xylitol sweetners. Other than that, the syrup is very good. Good thing I didn’t work that day!
MelanyElmendorf Afb, AK


Best sugar-free syrup I’ve ever tasted – it’s all I use. Why Amazon doesn’t put this on “Prime” membership shipping, I have no idea.
MalindaCaney, OK

Be careful the first time you use this product.

This stuff is delicious. That said, there are other considerations. I had this on Eggo waffles for breakfast. It was all I could hope it to be. Then two hours later my stomach began to growl and roll and I developed cramps. I spent the next six hours running to the bathroom. It is sweetened with maltitol, which causes extreme gastric distress for some people. Check it out on Google. I guess I’m one of them. I waited three days and tried it again for lunch, thinking maybe it just didn’t like an empty stomach. Same results. So if you are going to be “out and about” do NOT try this for the first time. Wait until you are at home all day. If it is agreeable with your digestive tract, it’s as good as any sugared table syrup. I ended tossing the second bottle I bought in the trash.


LetitiaBelcourt, ND

Great taste!

I am unable to find a sugar-free syrup that also does not contain sucralose or other detrimental sweeteners at any local stores. Joseph’s sugar-free syrup tastes wonderful and fits in with my sugar-free eating plan. I also add it on my oatmeal in place of brown sugar.
LorenzoUnionville, VA

Sugar Free Mapale Flavor Syrup

Joseph’s Sugar Free Maple Flavor Syrup is pretty good stuff for putting on Italian cakes or rolls. Sometimes I eat this at night and develop the worst form of gas anywhere. I can’t help myself and have to let it “out” constantly, I don’t know if something is in here that makes me act up. I was ejected from a concert hall after my stomach couldn’t help itself. Just a warning to diabetics or regular sugar eaters, don’t try to swallow the whole bottle in one sitting.
MaybelleOak Park, MI

Best Of The Bunch

If you are going lower carb and crave some real tasting maple syrup, this is a very good option.

The Good: Taste. Thickness, the box store “sugar free” options tend to be very runny. Other side benefit…see below.

The Not as Good: If you have plans for “social situations” about 2-3 hours after eating this, you might want to think again. The gas can be a bit much. On the plus side, low carbin’ can leave you a little blocky…this will cure that.

Overall, if the low carb pancake was as close to real as this, we would all be eating low carb.

OssieVance, MS

the best sugar-free brand!

I have tried several sugar free syrups (even Cracker Barrel’s) and light syrups (Mrs. Butterworth’s Light, Aunt Jemima Light) without much success. They were all thin/watery with weak flavor compared to regular syrup, and not low enough in calories to make the switch worth it. I spotted this syrup in a Whole Foods store. I hesitated to try it because it was very expensive, but I was desperate. I paid $7.99 for a small bottle. After tasting it, I would not hesitate to pay even more! This is hands down the best sugar-free syrup I have ever had. It is thick, with a good flavor, and only 35 calories per serving. And, the serving size is the same as regular syrup (1 ounce, or about 1/4 cup).

I bought this syrup to help me lose weight and eat healthier. I have not encountered any of the side effects others have mentioned over the maltitol, but I also use this in moderation – pancakes and french toast are not exactly low-cal on their own! This is still a very expensive product, but worth the cost for the quality. I don’t think I would use it as an alternative sweetener as suggested on the bottle; not with Splenda available, and significantly cheaper. Highly recommended!

GeralynHesperus, CO

Excellent tasting SF Syrup ……..

This is the best sugar-free maple flavored syrup I’ve found so far. I’ve tried 4 different brands before this. I read the reviews and decided to give it a shot; although the price is too high here on Amazon. I’ve found it 4 bucks cheaper elsewhere (although shipping is then added in and here on Amazon I use Prime – which I’m finding to be a bit too costly as well). The syrup however; is excellent. I’ll buy it elsewhere.
GenevieHellertown, PA

Yummy Maple Syrup

This really is the best sugar-free maple syrup I’ve found. The ones with sucralose have a weird chemical taste, besides being unhealthy. Maltitol, a sugar alcohol, is the sweetener used in this product. My boys and husband love the maple flavor of this syrup!
WendyTipton, IN


Tasty product with very low carb and sugar content. Ideal for those monitoring blood sugar. This brand is the best of its type on the market. Fast shipping.
ClaytonMaxwelton, WV


I love this product. I use it on my soy pancakes and whole wheat waffles. Tastes better than maple syrup! My kids can’t tell the difference and like it too.
CleoraCarthage, TX

Best sugar free maple syrup- hands down. No comparison

If you need maple syrup for your breakfast French toast or pancakes, or for recipes- this syrup is the BEST sugar free option available. No need to try the others, this is the real deal. Very thick and tastes dead on to its original counterpart.
ElvisDe Lancey, NY


I’ve tried what it seems like an endless line of different brands of “sugar free” syrups at my store. I was about to give up and ordered a small bottle of this wonderful stuff. I don’t use it often but it sure does help with my sweet tooth. I have yet to find the perfect low carb pancake mix that goes with it but I LOVE it with my banana and peanut butter treat! It doesn’t have that funky after taste at all.
TrinhGreen Valley, IL

Believe the hype! This is Great Stuff!

I have tried pretty much all the available brands of sugar free breakfast syrup. Joseph’s is BY FAR the best I’ve ever come across. The flavor is indistinguishable from full sugar syrups and the texture is thick and rich. You do have to be careful. The syrup is so good and so low in calories, that it’s easy to get carried away and as another reviewer reminded us, this product does contain Malitol, which has a pronounced laxative effect if too much is consumed in one setting.
IveyNunnelly, TN


Syrup was really good. If you are looking for sugar free/low carb syrup this stuff is really good. I highly recomend it.
LatoyiaCampbell Hill, IL

I’m a believer!

Okay, I was very, very skeptical when I ordered this on the suggestion of a friend who swore it tasted just like real syrup. I’ve tried nearly all other commercial brands of sugar-free syrup and had come to the confident conclusion that there really was no such thing as a sugar-free syrup that actually tasted anything resembling the real thing.

In fact, before my package arrived, I was already contemplating how I’d get rid of it all after what I anticipated would be a definite dissapointment (yet again) in taste.

I’m very pleased to say that I’ll be keeping every single bottle and will probably use it all up before the expiration, hoarding it away for myself like a pirate hoards treasure.

It truly is, by far and away, the best sugar-free syrup I’ve ever had. It tastes almost exactly like the real thing, both in texture and flavor. Another perk of sugar-free syrup: Absolutely no annoying stickiness should I ever get overzealous in my pouring!

At last my search is over! I’m one very happy camper and truly satisfied customer. Thanks so much, Joseph!!

(Only one complaint: I wish, out of all the bottles, there was at least one equipped with a pour spout in the lid)

DannyTrenton, KY

Great Product

I have been using Joseph’s Lite Syrup for over a year, have introduced it to many of my friends and all who have tried it, love it. It’s thick syrup with a real sugar/maple taste.

After a local store dropped this product, I purchased two cases here through Amazon/factory direct for my friends and family. What I received is 12 leaking bottles with loose lids and 3 of them over half empty. I think Joseph’s expects this because the outer of three shipping boxes was lined with a heavy plastic bag. The bottles read, refrigerate after opening, so for all I know, they are all spoiled.

Joseph’s has not responded to the E-mail I sent to their customer service and that is most frustrating.

In summary, Great Product, but Joseph’s doesn’t care once they have your money.

CarollCherokee, KS

The best sugar free syrup there is

This is wonderful thick syrup with no after-taste. It’s the only diet/ diabetic product I’ve ever eaten that I can honestly say tastes EXACTLY the same. And the Joseph’s shop were the fastest ever delivery – literally 3 days from order to delivery. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.
KeliBethlehem, CT

Tastes great, but BEWARE!

This is easily the best tasting sugar free breakfast syrup I’ve ever had. I couldn’t really tell the difference between this and regular maple syrup. The key to it is the sugar alcohol in it called maltitol. It has nearly the same chemical structure as sucrose (table sugar), and almost the same amount of sweetness. However, maltitol is not easily digested, and I paid the price for it. Being the moron that I am, I decided to put a ton of this stuff on my Eggo’s because it tasted so good. However, not long afterwards, I developed the worse gas, bloating, and cramping that I’ve ever experienced, and it lasted for at least 6 hours. This is a warning: CONSUME THIS SYRUP IN SMALL QUANTITIES!!! They really should put a warning on the bottle. Anyways, as far as taste goes, this get 5+ stars compared to other sugar free syrups, but it gets knocked a few stars because of the extreme intestinal discomfort it caused me. So, once again, tastes great, but BEWARE!
BariUlster Park, NY

Best SF Syrup on the market!

Can’t do sugar. Have tried scores of SF Syrups. NONE of them can touch the excellence of this product.

Thick, delicious. Perfect. 3 ingredients: Water, Maltitol, Natural Maple Flavor. PERIOD. No chemicals. No garbage.

Have numerous friends & family members hooked on this stuff. My husband & son, who do NOT like “sugar free” prefer this over major label regular syrup.

I use this as my SWEETENER in baking: cheesecakes, white brownies, muffins, pumpkin pies, etc… Unbelievably delicious…

Can you tell I like it? 🙂

AngieIthaca, NY

Seriously? This product isn’t sugar free.

This product tastes good. It is technically sugar free, but what it uses effects blood glucose. It is in no way 0 net carb. They use maltitol, which has 75% the glucose absorbtion of sugar. This means, it isn’t zero net carbs, but that the 9 carbs per serving are absorbed by the body as 6.75 net carbs. If you are doing a low carb diet, 6.75 carbs is a lot. That is fraud, and it isn’t okay. Stay away from this product, it is a lie.
ShalandaWest Edmeston, NY

Product is great! But don’t pay this price!

This product is great, it tastes good and removes harmful sugar and artificial sweeteners from something that we all love to enjoy. But do not buy it here, unless you just love to throw you money out the window. Head over to and find it there for only 2.99 a bottle! I don’t know how these people are getting away with charging this much. Perhaps if you live over seas and Josephs wont ship to you then you would pay extra but otherwise there’s no need! As far as causing gas problems, well that depends on each individual. Some may have no discomfort what so ever, while others may need to avoid all sugar alcohols(because they all CAN cause gastrointestinal problems)
TynishaBerry, AL


Tried this syrup and love it!!! It tastes like the real thing. Well, maybe very close would be the real comparison. We have tried several of the sugar free syrup’s and this one is by far the best one out there. Not only does it have great flavor it also has the consistancy of real syrup,not a watery imitation. Try it you’ll love it. Many of our friends are now using this syrup as well. Thanks for a great product. Free shipping is super too!!!!
FerminaSequoia National Park, CA

Best Sugar Free Maple Syrup

Unlike supermarket brand sugar-free maple syrups “Josephs” is made with natural maple flavorings and you can tell the difference. It is the closest product to real maple syrup that I have found. The only draw back is the maltitol. Maltitol will cause gas, flatulence, and has a laxitive effect. I have over consumed and suffered the consequences.
MarionBranchville, NJ