Jovial Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti, 12-Ounce Packages

A delicious and satisfying, whole grain, gluten free pasta that has a firm texture, very much like wheat. Pleasing flavor that combines perfectly with all types of sauce. Masterly crafted in Tuscany, Italy by 4th generation pasta artisans, using time honored techniques, including traditional bronze dies and slow kiln drying.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 12-Ounce (total of 72 ounces)
  • Only 2 ingredients, organic brown rice and water; No startches or additives
  • Made in a dedicated facility, free of gluten, dairy, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts
  • Winner of sustainable packaging award; Cardboard box is made from 80% post consumer waste, printed with plant based inks, and inner bag is FSC certified, compostable wood pulp
  • Made near Pisa, Italy

Top reviews

As good or better than wheat spaghetti

An excellent product, superior to Tinkyada in that it does not have the slightly bitter brown-rice aftertaste my family dislikes in spaghetti. (Although in general Tinkyada – especially the macaroni – is very good.) Can be substituted for wheat spaghetti with even the pickiest eater.

Like all brown pastas I’ve tried, Jovial has the advantage of absorbing sauces better than wheat pasta, giving the finished dish a deep and satisfying flavor. It also has the rice-pasta tendency to clump and/or turn mushy unless cooked very carefully.

Here is cooking the method I recommend (adopted from the Tinkyada packages):
*Bring water to full boil
*Add pasta slowly, a few pieces at a time, stirring gently to make sure it doesn’t stick together
*Boil gently 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently
*Turn off the burner, cover and let the pasta finish cooking in hot water (excessive boiling breaks the delicate pasta to mush)
*After 5 minutes, stir pasta and check for doneness.
*Continue stirring and checking just about every minute after that. Pasta is done when it is very slightly al-dente. Do *not* overcook.
*Drain and (optionally) rinse pasta under a gentle tap.
*Stir in sauce or a little olive oil immediately to prevent clumping


AlenaDice, KY

Very Good

I am a new gluten-free diet person, and have been trying different products. This is the best pasta I have had and will continue to buy it.
StuartVassar, MI

Better than traditional pasta

We’re a family of six. Four of us have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease. I had expected that our days of enjoying tasty Italian meals were over, but this pasta has changed all that. Jovial Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti is BETTER than any pasta I have ever tasted, traditional and gluten-free included. It cooked up in 11 minutes; no rinsing required. The texture is similar to traditional pasta, but the taste is superior. It was an instant hit with all six of us. Thank you, Jovial!
CharissaLuray, MO

just like glutenous spaghetti

I bought this for a family member and to share with a friend. Although I’m not gluten intolerant and don’t *have* to eat rice pasta, I liked it. I can’t tell the difference from wheat pasta although I haven’t had them in a side by side comparison.

Compared to other options, this one is excellent with no compromise. I’ve had rice pasta with a bad texture and corn pasta that doesn’t taste right. This doesn’t have those problems.

My friend’s gluten intolerant son really liked it, too. He put aside his other brands until he had eaten his way through the 3 boxes that I shared.

TimothyBrady Lake, OH

really good

This pasta was delicious and really satisfied. My family did not notice any difference between this and “regular” pasta. It was not mushy at all and tasted great.
SeptemberMeherrin, VA

Jovial Organic brown rice capellini

Love the jovial products they are the best of all the dried pasta I have tried. My favorite is the fusille simple because I like a thin spagetti. Enjoy
DewayneFoster, RI

Amazingly good GF spaghetti

This is the best gluten-free pasta I have ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot of them. The spaghetti is pretty much the same as regular spaghetti. It is not mushy, it doesn’t stick together or fall apart, and it tastes great!!! It’s made in Italy where they know their pasta! It’s hard to believe it isn’t the “real” thing.
AudreyChauncey, GA

product review

This product is very good and healthy. People should give it a try as they to will see the benefits of eating healthy.
DianaBrady, NE