Joyva Halvah Bar, Marble, 1.75 Ounce

What he held, was a recipe for one of the oldest known confections in the world. It was eaten by Kings and Titans, and Princes and Sultans. In some parts of the world it was considered a sacred symbol of immortality and life. In other cultures it was thought to promote fertility and sexual response. It also tasted really, really good. That recipe was Halvah. The idea was to produce it in the United States. Halvah has been called the Food of The Gods. An ancient Turkish confection, dating back 3000 years was about to be refined, reinterpreted, and reinstated as the food of choice among the eastern European immigrants in the early part of the 20th century. Halvah, which means “sweet meat” in Turkish Joyva gave it a modern twist.

Quick facts

  • Pack of thirty six, 1.75-ounces per bar (total of 63 ounces)
  • Made with tahini and sugar
  • Rich in protein and calories
  • Gluten free product
  • Kosher

Top reviews

This Purchase Was a Mistake

Tried the first one and wish I didn’t have the rest of the 36 bars to eat through. Grainy paste texture and a very bitter aftertaste. It was my first time to try halvah. Sorry, but I recommend that maybe Amazon think about food samplers for people to try new products without the large outlay of money.
AlexisStonewall, MS

mm mm good

My husband was sold on this candy and used it as a treat too himself, however he passed away just recently now I have a huge box, but I am sure they will noit be wasted, they are in the freezer and do just fine!Thanks for getting them for me.
MargartColumbus, PA

They changed the recipe! No longer tasty

But it’s just as well as they aren’t good for you.
But I sure used to love them. They used to have a delicious taste and texture. They used to be really oily. When you bit them they had a unique crystally magic crunch texture. When you bit it it came apart in flaky layers.

Today when I bought one I was worried as the package was different. Also on the inside I knew it was different because the old bars used to be surrounded by a wax cardboard liner on 3 sides, now the new one had it only on the bottom. I could see that the new bar did not have chocolate swirls even though it was marble. The old ones you could clearly see chocolate swirls.
The new one: first bite, dry, no velvet crystal crunch texture, no tearing off and leaving flaky layers extending. It was not oily. AND WORST OF ALL: IT HAD NO FLAVOR! AND EVEN WORSE: IT HAS A SOUR RANCID TASTE AND THERE IS NO DATE ON PAKCAGE. SHAME ON YOU JOYVA FOR CHANGING THE RECIPE. MORONS

DeeannaMaywood, MO

Stale product and no response from vendor to return !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product arrived stale and neither amazon nor the vendor after contacting did not call back nor will they or amazon do anything about it stay away………….
CoreyAlexander, IL

Too greasy

For some reason, these bars were much greasier than the bigger package that I usually bought in the DC area grocery stores.
AvaCorn, OK

Fantastic Deal!

Bulk is slightly better, but this is way more convenient. The only problem now is how do I limit my Halvah intake. Thank you Amazon + Joyva. My mom grew up in a Jewish Italian neighborhood and I grew up on these wondrous treats. Addicted to Halvah, Creamed Herring, and loxs and bagels. Amazon customer for Life.
AnjanetteNiverville, NY

Convienient and Good Halvah

This version of Halvah is good.
Not quite as good as bulk Halvah.
This size package is ideal as airplane snacks on those flights that do not serve food.
RosalvaHolcomb, MS


I love Halvah, it’s just the right amount of sweet and it’s good for you. I grew up near Lakewood, NJ and had some friends that were of the Jewish faith and they introduced me to eating Halvah. I recommend it highly.
WoodrowUrbana, IA


I was delighted to find the product on line. and the ease with which I was able to purchase it.
WinifredHardwick, MA


Item arrived on time. Good item, fresh and just about the right portion size at 350 calories. My wife and I share one so is only 175 calories. We love halvah!
NakeshaNeck City, MO

Just as I remembered

I have always loved Joyva Halvah and am not dissapointed. A few of the little packs were open tho, and a bit oily, but that in no way diminished the taste. I did end up paying $7.50 a pound, but since the stores I frequent do not carry them anymore (and the price ranged from $4.99 – $6.00 a pound)I am happy with my purchase.
WavaMount Calm, TX


I guess I was expecting it to taste more like the deli halvah I had as a child. It is pretty good, but kind of pasty.
TemekaWestminster, TX

Very Good

I almost did not purchase this Halvah because I read a detailed bad review. I then read some other reviews and decided to try it.

It is almost identical to the Halvah I had growing up in New York (many, many years ago). I am very satisfied with my purchase.

I believe I ordered from Joya and delivery was slower than I expected. There was supposed to be an ice pack keeping the bars cold but when I received the package, the ice pack was a bag of warm water. However, the Halvah is fine and a great flaky-like sesame treat. It’s always been too many calories but really, what has just a few calories that’s any good anyhow? So I eat 1/3rd of a bar a day to spoil myself!

Joyva Marble Halvah Bars 12 Bars is the link to the one I purchased.


DwightCircle, MT


I have not had halvah in soooo long. I stumbled upon it being available though Amazon but I could not resist. Ordering through the website was easy and fast. The marbled halvah I ordered was very good, but a little oily. I shared it with my coworkers and they are now fans too,
JacquettaSanta Fe Springs, CA