Joyva Vanilla Halvah, 16-Ounce Cans

The year was 1905. The place was a small town in Russia called Kiev. The man was Nathan Radutzky, a simple 22 year old entrepreneur with a recipe and an idea. What he held, was a recipe for one of the oldest known confections in the world. It was eaten by Kings and Titans, and Princes and Sultans. In some parts of the world it was considered a sacred symbol of immortality and life. In other cultures it was thought to promote fertility and sexual response. Also tasted really, really good. That recipe was Halvah.

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 16-ounce cans (total of 48 ounces)
  • Vanilla flavored; nourishing sesame confection
  • Product of USA

Top reviews


I would love to talk to the people who manufacture this product. It was horrifying when I started eating the dried up mess and a tiny tooth appeared. I will never buy or eat the stuff again.
FranchescaBurkesville, KY

Halvah Lover

I bought three cans and they were all very dry and not enjoyable. I did not check the date, but I have had this product many times and would not buy this again. My local grocer sells them in bar shapes that are always moist.
ShayneSedgewickville, MO

Great Halvah!

The Halvah was delicious!! It was shipped very quickly! It was also very fresh tasting!!! I would highly recomend the vanilla halvah!
CharitaBowmansville, NY

Delicious – Just Like I Remembered

So, so good! I ordered this pack of 3 a few months ago and it was Joyva Halva, just like I remembered. I agree with the other poster that fresh deli stuff can be moister, but this is the kind I was raised on and like best. It was really good.
GeorgetteBrigham City, UT