Juliana Authentic Jamaican Hot Jerk Seasoning

Made with Scallion, hot peppers,salt, vinegar,thyme and other spices

Quick facts

  • Authentic Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
  • Add flavour to meats and vegetables

Top reviews


I have owned a house in Jamaica for over 32 years.
This is the first and only canned jerk that i have ever bought that really tastes like homemade jamaican jerk!

I buy this product in the states 5 & 6 at a time!

MiriamRidgely, TN

as authentic as it gets

I bought some of this in Negril and can’t find it anywhere around chicago, but this is the only spicy Jerk seasoning that really tastes like Jamaica. Tastes like the Bourbon Boat on the beach!
HongWashington, MO