Jumbo Psychedelic Jawbreakers 2 1/4″ Diameter

Jumbo jawbreakers 2 1/4″ diameter

Quick facts

  • A package of 4 Giant Jawbreakers
  • Hours of fun
  • Colors may vary

Top reviews

Extremely disappointed by these.

I don’t know why they are like this, but these are NOT the jawbreakers that I remember as a kid. The ones I had as a kid were sweet, sticky, and tasted like actual candy, and they had a neutral sugary taste throughout.

For some reason, these jawbreakers don’t get sticky. I don’t know what they are made of, but it couldn’t be sugar because If you lick it and watch it, it forms this “powdery” coating on it that feels like some artificial chemical, and you can actually taste the powdery stuff it forms and it’s disgusting.

Unfortunately I’d already eaten one trying to figure out if it was just the first couple layers, but the entire thing was disgusting and strange.

I will not be purchasing from Penguin Mints in the future. $15 dollars gone to waste. DO NOT BUY THESE!

BreeCambridge, NE

Last Forever!!

These Things last forever!! i’ve been sucking on mine ever since the friday after christmas!!

I’m telling you these things can last from 2 weeks (if excessive sucking) to 2 months (sucking at least once every other day)!!

these things can be a whole month’s worth of candy probably worth $100 dollars packed into a $2-$6 jaw breaker!

I’m still sucking on mine… mmmmm…

EvaTunkhannock, PA

A candy fiend…

As I write this, I’m finishing up the first of the four jawbreakers sent…and it’s only been one day! Don’t look at the time I finished mine and think negatively on the candy; I have the sweet-tooth of a child, xD! (For the record, my tongue is sore from the record time I took to finish it. I think I’ll give one to a buddy of mine since they want one). They arrived in great condition, nothing chipped and packaged in a way that they wouldn’t break either. I personally recommend these to people that want a long-lasting candy (just don’t be like me and attack it all day long, xD! Your tongue might be sorry!) ^_^
LinnPanna Maria, TX

Quite awesome, just the way I remember them.

I used to love these “suckers” in middle school, and somehow through the years just lost track of where I could buy them. They used to be sold very commonly in gas stations and convenience stores where I grew up, but as time went on, candy manufacturers strayed away from such items.

Anyway – out of the blue I decided I wanted some more, and was lucky enough to find these on Amazon (and eligible for Prime).

No real complaints about the way that these taste or hold up – it’s a facsimile of what I remember as a child.

The only comment I would have is that if you get these from Penguin Caffeinated Mint company, they “may” send you some chipped ones. I was a little surprised at the gauges in the ball, and thought it may have happened during shipping, but upon further inspection, there were no chipped off pieces of candy in the individually wrapped jawbreakers. (see my pic).

Not anything to really complain about if you don’t mind a little help getting it started, but perhaps Penguin sells the ones that no one else wants? Doesn’t bother me, but I thought I’d mention it in case someone out there was wanting to purchase these as a flawless gift.

RessieManomet, MA

Jumbo satisfaction

These jumbo jawbreakers are great. Bigger than I had anticipated. My kids were drooling … too bad for them they were part of a gift for another family!
RoseannaLafayette, AL

multi-colored jawbreakers

was great! i still have 3 of mine wrapped up. can never seem to finish it. cant exactly suck on it, since it hurts to stick the entire thing in my mouth but i’ve licked this jawbreaker to the point where my tongue started bleeding a little (didnt even notice til i looked in the mirror!)
MiltonLawton, PA