Jungle Products Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 14-Ounce

Our Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil comes from small farmers in the South Pacific.

Quick facts

  • Natural or Organic Ingredients

Top reviews

Best Coconut Oil Out There

I believe that this is the best coconut oil ever made. How it’s made sets it apart from all of the others. No smell of burning from the heat of making it, no bad smell at all. Just simply pure raw coconut oil at it’s finest.
KirkRockford, AL


This is the best coconut oil ever made. I don’t know why the Whole Foods in my area (3 of them) no longer carry it. It runs circles around the most expensive ones on their shelves. Folks, this is the real deal.
KareemWilliamsport, IN

Pure and delicious!

This coconut oil is my favorite brand, by far. It tastes incredibly pure and has a light coconut flavor which makes everything I cook taste delicious. I’ve tried a few different brands and haven’t been nearly as satisfied as I have with Jungle. I keep it stoveside and use it for everything from scrambled eggs to stir-fry. My only complaint is that I have to plan ahead when I order since it seems every time I am about to run out, Amazon is out of stock. If you see it, get it! Maybe I should start ordering 2 at a time.
AlbertoIrvington, NY

Best Coconut oil ever

Quite simply the best coconut oil out there. We have tried every other coconut oil in the market and haven’t found anything that comes close. This oil is difficult to find at times and costs a premium, but its worth the hassle. Goes great with popcorn too!
RalphSisseton, SD