Just Great Stuff Organic Powdered Peanut Butter, 6.35 Ounce — 12 per case

Just Great Stuff Peanut Butter is a healthier alternative to traditional peanut butter. We use perfectly roasted, premium peanuts for superb flavor. Enjoy this Low-Fat product as a post-workout snack! Make delicious, healthy sandwiches for your kids’ lunch. Great in shakes! Take it camping or on picnics. Great with honey!

Quick facts

  • Just Great Stuff Peanut Butter is a healthier alternative to traditional peanut butter. We use perfectly roasted, premium peanuts for superb flavor. Enjoy this Low-Fat product as a post-workout snack! Make delicious, healthy sandwiches for your kids’ lunch. Great in shakes! Take it camping or on picnics. Great with honey!

Top reviews

Excellent Product

I am very happy with this product. It has a great roasted peanut flavor and has no offensive artificial flavors that are typical of reduced calori products. Of course it isn’t 100% of the peanut butter experience but I would say it certainly approaches 75-80% with way less calories and fat. This is a great tasting product.
KimberleyMounds, OK

Superb in protein shakes

I’m a delighted fan – I discovered this in the local health food store. Tried it in my protein shakes – I’m hooked!!! It’s incredibly good…sometimes I just like to open the jar and take a whiff!!Yum! (of course, I’m a peanut butter lover from way back)
I wish it were less expensive – but it’s sooooo worth the price. Very low calorie and only a fraction of the fat of peanut butter – plus it mixes great in a drink.
Way to go BettyLou!
AnamariaHazel Park, MI

PB2 a better option

I love PB2 but when I saw theres now an Organic powdered PB with nearly the same stats, I decided to try. It’s pretty good thought I actually prefer PB2 and peanut flour flavor better. If the prices were the same, I would buy this product though because it’s Organic. I eat nearly a jar a week of PB2 so this stuff is just too expensive! Is it worth 9$/jar? Nope, not in my opinion. If you are strictly Organic, rich and don’t eat it a lot, this is a fine option
ChrystalIndianapolis, IN

Perfect for a PB Addict

Peanut butter is the one thing that I really can’t get enough of. And eating 8 tablespoons of peanut butter–which is what I’d like to do–is certainly not an option with its high caloric and fat contents. So I had my fingers crossed for Just Great Stuff’s Powdered PB, but I had my doubts.

Just Great Stuff’s Powdered PB is amazing!! It’s slightly sweeter than peanut butter (at least for me because I favor the natural PB to sugary Skippy), probably due to the coconut additives, but it tastes like peanut butter and has that perfect PB creaminess. If you like peanut butter, but don’t like fat, you will love this!

NidiaHematite, MO

Organic, tasty, and customizable

This product is great. Its got a few different ingredients than PB2 which are going to appeal to a big chunk of people in the health food community.

PB2 is made with peanuts, sugar, and salt. This is made with organic peanuts, organic coconut sugar (which is supposed to have a lower glycemic index and for the record does not taste like coconut in the slightest), and sea-salt. I’m not certain how much the glycemic index of the sugar matters when it only has 2 grams of sugar per serving (PB2 has 1 gram), but then again I’m not diabetic and I thought it might be a useful thing to point out.

Overall unless you are a strong subscriber to the “Organic over Conventional” debate I’m not sure this product is more nutritious than PB2. It has an extra gram of sugar and a gram less of protein and fiber per serving. Of course this is a huge improvement over normal organic peanut butter let alone peanut butter from any of the major brands. So if the two products are more or less the same nutrition wise purchasing would come down to flavor and price.

This product is a bit more expensive than PB2. Thats probably due to the organic factor and scale. Organic ingredients cost more to produce and more to buy, but also PB2 has a jump start on branding and is in more stores (or at least it seems to be) so its distribution network may run more efficiently, it may be able to produce larger batches at lower costs, and overall its going to be a bit cheaper. So don’t write this product off now and forever because of the price. If you try it and like it support it and the price may come down.

Finally flavor and texture. This product tastes like peanut butter there’s no getting around that. Its rich and almost creamy when you mix it up. It can add a peanut butter flavor to protein shakes, yogurt, muffins, cookies, etc. In short its fully customizable and how you use it is up to you and your preferences. I’ve read that a lot of people have to “learn to like” PB2. I didn’t have that experience, but if you did or are having trouble learning to like it give this one a try. I’m not sure what it is exactly maybe the coconut sugar (which again doesn’t taste like coconut), but it does taste a little different than PB2. I don’t have much of a preference either way and friends that have tried both seem more or less split in their opinions (when they have one).

Final Thoughts:
It tastes great
It can be used in many ways and mixed to any consistency
It uses organic ingredients and coconut sugar (unlike PB2)
But its nutritional stats aren’t quite as good (1 more gram sugar, 1 less gram fiber and protein)
Its a bit more expensive than PB2

I love it, but you’ll have to decide how you weight organic ingredients vs nutrition stats vs price, in any case if you want to replace your normal PB but don’t like PB2 its worth a try

KareemWorthington, IN


As someone who’s trying to lose weight, peanut butter’s one of those foods I crave, but can’t eat because just two tablespoons has around 200 calories. No, thanks. This is, like it’s called: Just great stuff! I actually prefer it to “real” peanut butter most of the time. It has a really nice balance of sweet and salty. And just 45 calories?!

I’m pretty stocked up right now, but I have a feeling it’ll be gone soon.

JoyaMiles City, MT


I came across this in a little specialty store on Whidbey Island and even though I was skeptical, I bought it. At $9.49 I hoped it would be at least passable. I mixed it with water as per the direction, and voila! Peanut Butter! It’s low fat but it doesn’t taste like it. I have been eating peanut butter for more than 50 years and I love it. However, it’s high in calories and fat and I’m on Weight Watchers so 2 tbl of regular PB is about 6 points – way too much for an everyday item. 2 tbl of this is ONE POINT and it tastes great. It’s creamy and flavorful and great on toast in the morning. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this a 9! Not totally perfect, but close. Even my husband, who dislikes anything low fat or reduced fat, loves it! He even asks for it specifically on his toast! Amazing. I haven’t tried it in a drink yet but I’m sure it will be good. I ordered the 12 pack, which lowered the price per jar quite a bit. I know it won’t go to waste. I’d like to find a recipe for cookies or a cake that includes this powdered PB! If you love PB, give this a try, I don’t think you’ll be sorry.
JeffersonKyle, WV