Just Tomatoes Just Strawberries ‘N Bananas, 5-Ounce Large Pouch

We don’t fool with Mother Nature our products are exactly what they say they are absolutely nothing is added. We do not add fat, sweeteners, sulfur, sulfites, preservatives, colorings. We do not add anything. All we do is take out the water leaving intense flavor, good color and great nutrients.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 2 (total 10 oz)
  • Sliced bananas and strawberries dried to perfection
  • Absolutely nothing added; no sulfur or preservatives
  • Wholesome and nutritious snack; adds intense flavor to muffins, ice cream, yogurt, and cereal
  • Gluten free and hand-picked at peak of ripeness; produced in the United States

Top reviews

This “Just” is un-“Just”

Beyond the glaring fact that most of their products aren’t tomatoes, this one is a blight on the Just Tomatoes ethos.

“Just.” But it has two ingredients. It’s not “just” anything if it includes both bananas & strawberries. They don’t call Cracker Jack “Just Peanuts, Popcorn, and High Fructose Corn Syrup.”

Nor is it “just” something when it comes in a package of 2. They don’t call a variety pack of cereal “Just Grains and High Fructose Corn Syrup.”

The Just Tomatoes folks deserve credit for their aspirations to purity but this just goes beyond it. It goes against the mimalist and reductive concept to the absolutely roccoco. It’s just not right!

JillianCrawford, TN


but if you live nearby to a whole foods market, you can pick from a variety of these for a lot less money ($3-$8 depending on what you want).

the cost on amazon must be a mistake.

RisaAladdin, WY

allergic reaction`

I don’t know how these things are made but I had an allergic reaction and ended up in the hospital where they gave me a shot of epigen. I will never buy these again! I ended up throwing them away because I was so freaked out but I should have had them tested. Live and Learn! Beware!
LindyRiceboro, GA

Poor quanity for the money

We LOVE this fruit!! However the price was way to high for what you receive. The add was confusing since it said you would receive 1.2 pounds of fruit. That is by far a lie. It is much cheaper at the fresh market. Hope you have one near you.
PattyScott, MS

Great dried fruit

Excellent used in cereal. The strawberry flavor predominates. A great combo of 2 fruits. A satisfying taste sensation!
RaeleneHolden, MO

Worth the Money

I have to disagree with other reviewers who said that the banana chips in this are the same as any other. Normal banana chips are like eating rocks and are really tasteless. These however, are little intense bites of banana which are soft enough for a toddler. My son, who is incredibly picky and won’t touch most fruits and vegetables, loves these and specifically asks for the strawberries (though he won’t eat fresh ones). As to the cost, while you certainly can buy these at Whole Foods and other similar places the packages they sell there are far smaller and are more expensive per ounce. Actually, the Amazon price is even a little cheaper than buying direct from the manufacturer.
AnnDierks, AR

Almost as good as chocolate!

I love this item. The strawberries and bananas are nice and crunchy and sweet, with the tang of the strawberries complementing the sweetness of the bananas. Eating this is addictive – but at least you can rest assured you’re addicted to something healty, low calorie and delicious.
MosesJonancy, KY

Wonderful, yummy product, worth every penny!

Before I ordered these I had to call the company (got their # from their website) to see if these were freeze dried or just dried/dehydrated. Their listing should specify this, though it doesn’t specify on they website either.
They are indeed freeze dried, delicious and crispy.

My only complaint (reason for 4 stars) is that after shipment they get a little beat up and a lot of the pieces break. Really only the strawberries though, but the container was filled with red strawberry powder.
It’s kind of disappointing to lose that little bit considering the price.
The smaller pieces are OK because I bought these for my two boys 2 and under.

It’s a far better deal and product compared to the Gerber Little Fruits I was buying and paying nearly $3 and ounce for. What I know now to be tasteless freeze dried fruit.

Bottom line: I will buy these again.

HertaGranite Falls, MN

Great healthy snack, a little pricey!

I love the combination of the tart, crunchy strawberries with the sweet, crunchy bananas. I agree with other reviewers that the strawberries get a little pulverized, leaving a red/pink ‘dust’ in the package, but this didn’t bother me much…just have to make sure you eat these somewhere where a little dust mess is OK and easy to clean up.
They are kind of expensive, but I haven’t found another comparable product with this quality for any less.
JaniceGore, VA

Not worth the price

These last for about a week after opened, they taste alright but not worth the extra price. Would go to your local Whole Foods to pick up something better.
RichPort Sanilac, MI

Best of the bunch

I love the “Just” products but this is my absolute fave! Great for a healthier something to grab on the run. Perfect for me and my son πŸ™‚
ElizabetLetts, IA

Great and Healthy Snack

I bought these for my daughter since she loves strawberries and bananas. These are easy to travel with and I know they aren’t loaded with sugar. The taste and quality are great! I only gave 4 stars because when they arrived a LOT of the strawberries were broken up and basically in powder form. Thats not to say there wasn’t a lot of the left though! We will absolutely be buying more of these soon!
KaleyHagan, GA

Happily Surprised

I really enjoyed these no-additives dried fruit snacks. The banana chips tasted just like bananas – and not oil, which most fried banana chips do. The strawberries were tart and just a little chewy and tasted like real fruit. The lack of additives really makes a difference!

I didn’t enjoy the mixed fruit I’d gotten from Just Tomatoes previously – apples are a hard sell, as the skin gets tough and sour. But these were really fantastic and I will be ordering more soon!

MarylynBanner, WY

we love it

we love all of the just tomatoes products we’ve tried, and the strawberries and bananas are no different. its great in cereal, and just to munch on. my 16month old doesnt like fresh strawberries, but he loves these. its a quick easy healthy snack for the toddler, and for mom and dad too πŸ™‚
NicholleHoustonia, MO