Justin’s Nut Butter Natural Chocolate Hazelnut Blend, 16 Ounce plastic jars

Natural Chocolate Hazelnut Butter 16 Ounce Jar. All Justin’s Nut Butters are made in small batches. Our small batch grinding process means that every batch will have a unique and slightly different taste from the last.

Quick facts

  • Organic Chocolate, Natural Hazelnuts
  • Non-Hydrogenated
  • PETE Recyclable Jar
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-Separating

Top reviews

Too salty

The formula seems much healthier than Nutella, but some parts were too salty. Absolutely not satisfying as Nutella.
Also, my package had some chocolate outside. Why? The package was sealed internally and the pot was not broken, so I don’t know why there was chocolate on the outside part of the lid. Poor handling at the factory?
Better would be something between this and Nutella.
LuanneKewanee, MO

the squeeze packs aren’s enough..bring on the jars!!!

love the squeeze packs, love the jars even more!!! Great tasting healthy peanut butter is now a family staple in my kitchen. My family loves it and now my friends families love it also. Just shows how pure simple healthy ingredients can taste great and be good for you to.
ToyaOnley, VA


I thought this would be wonderful because I love nuttela! Let me tell you this is a terrible product. I have never had a nut butter that was so bad. Even the natural peanutbutter I tried wasn’t this bad. First let me say if your looking for a Nuttela like product, buy Nuttela. This product tastes like they took peanut shells, added water, oil, and a pinch of poor quality chocolate put it in a blender and pulsed it twice. The texture is gritty at best, I swear they used shells not nuts! Horrible, thew it away immediately.
VanettaMoran, TX

This is NOT the original Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter !

I hate to be the only one with 1 star review here, but I have to warn – I ordered Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter because I loved the original. However, they recently (Sept. 2011) changed the formula which now includes almonds in addition to hazelnuts. The new label says “Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Blend”. The added word “blend” is tiny, but the taste difference is huge and and I don’t like this new version. Justin’s customer support team confirmed they changed the recipe and that they are now only making the “Blend” version.

We’ll see what other customers say about this new concoction. As for me – I’m not liking it. Justin, the original “Chocolate Hazelnut Butter” without almonds was WAAAAAAY better.

ShawneeBelt, MT

Adult Nutella?!

Ok, maybe not quite. But that is the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this at the store today. I bought a little squeeze pack to try it and…. OH MY. This is sooooooooooooo delicious. It’s a bit salty, a bit sweet, and really does make me think of Nutella. A couple of things, though… this nut butter isn’t completely smooth and it isn’t really even close to being like Nutella. BUT it so much more satisfying because it is a nut butter not just chocolatey sweetness like Nutella is. I am so in love with this Chocolate Hazelnut butter that I am buying the three pack as soon as I am done typing this. I bought a squeeze pack of the Chocolate Almond as well and I don’t like it as much. It is good, but the Hazelnut is totally out of this world. And because it is a rich, satisfying food I will be less likely to eat the whole jar in two days like I do on the rare occasion that I allow myself to buy Nutella. Thank you, for this product…. it allows me to think of my childhood in Germany without making me totally nuts with guilt over what I am putting in my mouth. That’s not to say that I will never buy Nutella again… because I will, but I don’t think I’ll feel the overwhelming urge quite as often with this stuff in my house. Yum, yum.

Before I sign off, though, I would like to emphasize once more (so I don’t get hate comments on my review): This is not a Nutella copycat, not even close… but if you love that and you love nut butters then you will be in chocolatey, nutty heaven with Justin’s.

UPDATE 10/09/2012: Yes, yes the formula has changed. I’m guessing because Hazelnuts are expensive. That being said, I broke down and tried the new BLEND this morning… and you know what? It isn’t anywhere near as bad as all of these 1 star reviews are making it out to be. Yes, the flavor of Hazelnut is not nearly as strong, but it IS there, and I still thought it was delicious. In fact, I found the blend to be just a little creamier than the original all-hazelnut version and I rather liked it. Did I prefer the pure Hazelnut? Yes. Do I like the new “Blend”? Yes. I liked it enough that I stand by my original five star rating.

ArceliaCedarville, CA

Old formula – a winner with my family; New formula – won’t touch it

The old formula, which doesn’t contain almonds, is oustanding; I would put a very thin layer on a slice of bread and I could say it is like heaven. The new formula tastes different, looks different….and I would simply not buy it again. I would try to see if Target has any left in stock though the last jar I bought there had an expiration of May. It is truly dissapointing for the company to go the cheap route and change the formula without surveying its customers first. Market share is hard to gain and easy to lose. There are a couple of other brands of chocolate hazelnut butter on the market and I am willing to give the Italian one a shot.
LawannaLincoln, MT

Disappointed πŸ™

It really pains me to give this product a bad review. It is such a good idea and I really wanted to like it.

I purchased Justines Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Blend at Whole Foods – a total impulse purchase. I’d never heard of it. I am crazy about Nutella and don’t trust myself to buy it more than once a year, as I eat it by the spoon and I’m lucky if it lasts 3 days !!! This product sounded great and I saw the mostly good reviews.

It just doesn’t taste that good. It feels greasy and is pretty flavorless. I see from another review that Justine recently changed the formulation – that reviewer commented that the “blend” isn’t as tasty as the original. I wish W/F had had the little 99-cent sample so I could have tried this before dropping $10 (!!!) on the jar.

Although it was a noble effort, this product is too caloric (and expensive) – I will stick with Nutella for my splurges!

SolomonSagamore, PA

Does the new almond addition ruin the taste?

I agree with the other review stating that the original version was better. It was. One thing I’d like to add however. In my opinion, it was better, but not “way better.” I would be happy if they brought the older version back but this version is still very good. I really like it. Could be that the original version was 5 stars, but this one deserves 4, not one. I mean, they only added some almonds, the sugar is still the same, and hazelnuts are still the first ingredient. I think some people are just upset at the formula change that they went from five starts to one. Not me. I still like it.
JohannaEndeavor, WI

Original hazelnut butter vs new almond-hazelnut blend

I have both original and new formula at home. They taste almost the same, but new formula separated after opening and has more oil IMHO. My child loves Nutella, we recently started on a dairy free diet, and this is an ok substitute for our favorite Ferrero nutella spread. I personally didn’t like justin’s hazelnut butter taste, especially weird aftertaste, but, since new formula contains almonds, they should put almond picture on the label and the word “blend” should be the same size as brand name on the label. They should also lower the price.
BernardaCrook, CO

Better than Nutella!

Oh my God, this hazelnut butter is so addictive I have to hide it from myself! πŸ™‚
I originally got a couple of single packs at a local health food store because I didn’t want to risk buying a whole jar of the ‘unknown’. After I tried it, I RAN back to the store to stock up. πŸ™‚ The taste is out of this world and the ingredients are so simple, it’s amazing. It really does taste a lot like Nutella, only in a more grown up way. πŸ™‚ It’s also not as smooth as Nutella (it has a grainier texture) but I don’t mind one bit. I actually prefer it to Nutella (even though I grew up eating Nutella and it used to be one of my all time favorite foods). I’ve also tried the almond butter and the maple almond flavors–both beyond delicious! Also, even though it doesn’t say it on the jar, I’m pretty sure it’s vegan too! I’ve signed up for email alerts from Amazon, so let’s hope they bring it back soon.
In case you’re wondering: no, I don’t work for the company and I have no idea who ‘Justin’ is, I’m just in love with their products! πŸ™‚
ErickCedar Point, IL

This is an impostor!!!!

This is not the original Justin’s!! It is a blend with mostly almonds!! When I first saw and ordered, I thought I was getting the same product I have previously purchased at Whole Foods or at Target. I thought this was a great deal since the product was often unavailable and cost $10/jar. My first impression was that I thought it looked odd that I had to stir the nut butter from amazon, something I never had to do with the store bought variety. It wasn’t until I read another’s review pointing out the word “Blend” that I went running to my kitchen only to discover my mistake in not noticing the difference. Thank goodness my daughter came to the rescue and picked up a jar from Target yesterday. If you want the original and not the “blend” you will have to go to the brick and mortar store or order direct from Justin’s themselves.
PetraAttleboro, MA

New Formula

I originally purchased this product from Amazon a few months ago, and was very satisfied. Shortly after, I bought it in a health food store and could not understand the difference! I have since realized that the second jar, which still sits half-full in my cupboard, is a new formula. They have changed the recipe to include a hazelnut-almond blend. Definitely not the same texture or taste as the original. Very disappointed!
IndiraOriskany Falls, NY

Ferrero Rocher in a Jar!!

Oh. My! This hazelnut butter is DIVINE!!! Being the frugal, savvy shopper that I am, I balked in the store when I first saw how much this cost. “There is no way I am paying almost $10 for a bottle of NUT butter,” I thought (but there was no dissuading my boyfriend). And, the second it hit my tongue, I was a convert. This stuff is SO worth the price tag.

I feel that before I continue I should mention that unlike so many others, I am not, nor have I ever been a fan of Nutella. In fact, I only tasted it once (several months before sampling this treat), and while I found it tasty enough (with that much sugar, fat, and chocolate, how could it not be?), I wasn’t thoroughly impressed. But, THIS. THIS is absolute heaven. As noted in my title, it tastes like Ferrero Rocher, and it is ADDICTIVE!!

**A NOTE about CONSISTENCY/TEXTURE** As other reviewers noted, this is not an entirely smooth butter, but I’m not really bothered by that. (It’s not CHUNKY, but, there are bits of what I can only imagine to be hazelnut in the spread that are the size of small grains of sand.)
Let me note, though, that we first sampled this out of the squeeze pack, and after sitting in a pocket for a couple of hours, the butter oozed out in a gloriously creamy fashion, almost like a thick caramel sauce. In fact, I don’t recall detecting any of the “grit” or “grain” that is present at room temp. when we had it that way. . .So, try warming this up in a double boiler or other gentle heating method if you’re really craving that smooth consistency.) Since this is so thick, sometimes it CAN be difficult to spread on softer breads; my boyfriend likes to eat this on challah (for some reason, the combo reminds me of a boston creme doughnut!!) but he likes to take a huge glob of it and smear it instead of gingerly spreading (I know, I know — what guy “gingerly spreads”? πŸ™‚ so please take note of that.

I LOVE that the first ingredient in this is HAZELNUTS. It IS vegan (though it doesn’t say it on the container) so it doesn’t contain any dairy.

No comparison can be made between this and Nutella (though it is obviously unavoidable as they are both a hazelnut chocolate spread) so please don’t buy this hoping for something similar in taste (though I can’t imagine even the staunchest of Nutella lovers being disappointed by this; my boyfriend is — and HAS been for YEARS — a Nutella diehard, and he, too, absolutely ADORES this). If you’re looking for a delicious, decadent treat that will tantalize your taste buds πŸ™‚ and haunt your dreams, then, by all means, dig in!

SimaLodgepole, NE

True Grit…and I’m not talkin’ about the movie.

Tried the ‘blend’ after having had their orig. recipe for quite a while. In my opinion it was a waste of time and money.
First off: all I could taste was the salt. Salty start, a whiff of cocoa, the slightest whisper of ‘generic nut flavour’, then more salt. Very unsatisfying.

2nd: the texture. I don’t know if adding the almonds to their ‘blend’ is responsible for this, but the gritty texture in this new recipe was awful. I’ve had poorly cleaned mussels and poorly shelled walnuts before: that’s what this texture reminded me of. I kept getting these brief moments of alarm when one particularly gritty mouthful made me think I was about to bite into an even bigger piece of grit then end up with a cracked tooth.

I wasn’t expecting smooth and creamy like Nutella, but something that didn’t remind me of unpleasant grit would have been nice.

I understand that hazelnuts are more $$ than almonds, but having virtually no taste of hazelnuts at all made for a very sad and depressing sandwich.
If you only like the smell of almonds and don’t care about texture, this might be for you. If you expecting anything else, look elsewhere.
Hopefully Justin’s will change their recipe again, ’cause this one’s a dud.

CathrynLinneus, MO

Warning, new formula put almonds in there

one star because when i called the company to ask them how much was almonds now and how much is hazelnut, they refused to tell me!

not as good as the original, which you might still find in the small 1 ounce snack sizes!

BongHighlandville, IA

Used to be much much better

The original was much better than the blend. Bought this, realized it tasted different, then looked at the jar. They added a little tiny blend to the labeling (it’s not the same picture as shown). I’m sure it was done to save money, but at $10 a jar I sincerely doubt they were losing cash on the product. If I wanted chocolate almond butter, I would have simply bought it (they do sell it). Disappointing that they changed the recipe then tried to slip it by everyone…
WesleyRockville, MD


Reasons for not buying it (among others):
– if you smell it, you will have to eat it
– if you eat it, you will dive in for more
– when the jar is empty, you will become very sad
– if your partner likes it too, you will have to fight
– if your children like it too (why wouldn’t they?), you will have to be mean, take it from the top shelf, and eat it at night when they are not watching

Some reviewers say this shouldn’t be compared with Nutella. I disagree: an hazelnut chocolate paste HAS to be compared to Nutella by definition. Well, this evil Justin’s paste is more nutty, more salty, more grainy than Nutella. If you have had a chance to compare the hydrogenated American version of Nutella against the European version of Nutella, you will have noticed that the European one has more character, more taste, more of a nut taste, and less of a wishy-washy sugar taste not to mention that it is healthier. Well, this Justin’s paste is just taking all of these traits one step further and the result is evily good. Being a 30+ year Nutella fan, I wanted to write to Nutella and ask them to bring the European kind to the US. Now, I do not need to write to them anymore: I am a traitor who sold my sole to the enemy. Justin’s forever till I need to lose weight!

AwildaKerman, CA

New “Blend” is horrible

I am deeply saddened by the new “blend” which includes almonds. It tastes nothing like the original if you ask me- way to gritty and I can barely taste hazelnut. I am hoping that enough complaints will spark their interest to go Back to the original recipe- which was outstanding! Wish I stocked up on some original jars a while back… I shall try and make my own that comes close so I can get my fix in I suppose…
LelandJenkinsburg, GA

One more 5 star review

I bought this because my family is pretty obsessed with the Justin’s Maple Almond Butter and thought “hey maybe this is as good as Nutella”. I could write a lot of words saying pretty much what all the other 5 star reviews say, but I’ll keep it short and sweet:

This is no reason for me to keep Nutella in the house ever again. This is yummier (WAY WAY yummier), and lower in sugar. Bye Nutella, it’s been fun but something better (WAY WAY better) has come along and stolen my heart.

MarleenBrunswick, TN

Healthy but salty aftertaste

I am an aspiring natural bodybuilder, so am always trying to find good food choices. Compared to nutella, this blows it right out of the water, half the carbs and sugar and almost similar taste. However, this chocolate hazelnut butter has a salty like aftertaste. I’m afraid they use the sea salt so much (to prevent oil separation) that it messes up the potential of the flavor. I will try other Justin’s butters and maybe I will find a tastier one, because this flavor wasn’t certainly “all that”. Worth a try, but don’t expect it to be out of this world.
HaywoodEllinwood, KS

Hazelnut Butter BLEND Now Includes Almonds

***UPDATE 2011: 100% Hazelnut Butter is no longer being made. Justin’s brand has changed the recipe to include almonds. It is now called “Hazlenut Blend”. Ingredients: Dry Roasted Hazelnuts, Dry Roasted Almonds, Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Palm Fruit Oil, Natural Vanilla, Sea Salt.
CatherinaHeilwood, PA

Delicious American “Nutella” but much healthier!

Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!!!!!! It actually tastes like a nut spread instead of sugar. Highly recommend it to anyone who likes nuts, peanut butters, high-end chocolates – they would really enjoy it as I do.
VerlieKendrick, ID

Love, love, love…

After debating between nutella, this, and several other spreads, I finally picked this one up at a local store. A quick comparison of ingredients convinced me. Although I’ve never tried the original that everyone I praising, I absolutely loved this blend. It is clearly not the same as nutella – it is subtly sweet, has a grittier texture, but is absolutely divine.

Since hazelnuts are the first ingredient, there are more hazelnuts in the product than almonds (or perhaps it’s 50-50). However, this really doesn’t bother me – it has the lovely taste of hazelnuts along with the nutritious benefits of almonds! This makes me a happy gal πŸ™‚ I only wish it cost a little less!

RoyceBlanchardville, WI

Delicious and more nutritious

I stumbled upon this product a year ago while looking up prices for Nutella on Amazon. After reading the glowing reviews, I saved it in my cart for a future purchase, but never ordered it. Fast forward to yesterday, when I was looking for non-dairy dessert options for my family and saw the priced dropped a couple dollars. However, there were so many 1 stars for the new formula, I decided to purchase one jar at Whole Foods to try it (at $10 a jar btw). I do love Nutella, which is like eating decadent candy from a jar. This isn’t as creamy or quite as sweet, but definitely has a similar enough taste to satisfy me, and is much healthier. I can only imagine how wonderful the original recipe was, and wish I had tried it earlier! But this one is still good, so I don’t understand the bad reviews. I can clearly taste the hazelnut, not the almonds. And I specifically paid attention to the salt level. I have a moderate salt intake (not low, but I’m not a salt-aholic). It did not taste salty to me, although I’ll admit I tasted a tad bit of salt on my lips a few minutes later. It didn’t bother me though. It has only 65mg sodium (less than half what peanut butter has), so if you can tolerate the salt in Jif, this is significantly less. It has 12g carbs for those of you wondering, 3 of which are fiber and 7 sugars. 4g protein, and 15g fat. 180 calories total. No partially hydrogenated oils. I just ordered the 3 jar pack from Amazon, so it’s good enough for me.
MegTekonsha, MI

Grown up nutella

This stuff has 4 grams of protein per serving and tastes delicious with less than half the sugar in Nutella. Gave a jar of this to my mom for mother’s day along with some other of their flavors and she loved this one the most!
JeffrySeville, GA

NOT A HAZELNUT but Almonds !!!!!!!!!!!!!

read the ingredients! it has more almonds than hazelnuts …. and sooooo much chocolate that you can not taste anything but salt and chocolate…:(( will not buy ever again…and now im actually can not trust their other products….used to love the brand though…
AzaleeTower, MN

Maybe this is only for health ‘nuts’??

Today I decided to try Justins chocolate hazelnut butter since its organic and the first ingredient isn’t sugar -like Nutella but it is seriously nasty. It tastes like burnt salt. I couldn’t taste the hazelnuts or the cocoa over the sea salt. I am really glad I only purchased the sample size at my store. This stuff is terrible. If they had a salt free version I would try it though, because Nutella is too sweet.
DerrickWalton, IN

More satisfying than Nutella

I just tried this product, and wow! This tastes just like when you bite into a Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolate, as it is like Nutella but with a more hazelnut taste. It’s delicious and a tiny bit less sweet and smooth than Nutella, which I consider a good thing.
IleneMillry, AL

The new formula is not good

I used to go through a whole jar of the old formula in no time. It was not too sweet, very chocolaty, and definitely full of hazelnuts. The new formula with the hazelnut-almond blend just isn’t good, and the hazelnut flavor is barely there. I do hope they listen to their customers and go back to the original formula. If they do, I’ll have to change this review to add two or three more stars.
JesseMescalero, NM


This stuff is way too good. I’m going to end up gaining too much weight if I don’t watch it!

But – I was looking for a more nutritious alternative to nutella after I realized that oil and sugar are nutella’s main ingredients. And even my VERY picky child likes this too. (I did however keep nutella out for quite a while so he probably doesn’t remember what it tastes like much). This is not as smooth – more like natural PB than creamy Jif consistency. OH SO YUMMY though!

JazminAllen, KS