Ka-Me Noodles, Japanese Buckwheat, 8 Ounce

Our goal is to stay true to the unique flavors and high quality ingredients of Asian cuisine, while making it easy to enjoy, even for people with busy lifestyles. To that effect, we work with Asian food experts, both in the US and in Asia, to ensure that our products meet your expectations. Our products are all natural, in keeping with the balanced and healthful approach to dining that is central to Asian cuisine. We do make one important concession to modernity: convenience. From snacks that you can eat right out of the package, to meals that you can microwave in just 2 minutes. Across Asia, symbols have been used for centuries to represent different parts of the broader culture. For example, our brand name – KA-ME – means turtle in Japanese. In Japan, the turtle is a symbol of longevity. According to Japanese legend, turtles, revered for their gentleness, live to more than 10,000 years of age, and their long lives are very happy. In China, the turtle represents heaven and earth as well as longevity. The turtle too is a symbol of KA-ME’s longevity as a brand, bringing with it the authenticity of timeless Asian cuisines.

Quick facts

  • Case of twelve 8 ounce packages of Japanese buckwheat noodles (96 total ounces)
  • Known as “soba” in Japan, buckwheat noodles can be served either cold in a dipping sauce, or hot in a broth
  • Ready in 5 to 6 minutes
  • All natural
  • Product of Taiwan

Top reviews

Great Noodles

Great noodles for an easy dinner or snack. Just cook, rinse with very cold water to cool them down, toss with a little ponzu and wasabi, and you’re good to go.
ToddHancock, NY