Kadoya Brand Sesame Oil 56 Oz.

Kadoya 100% Pure Sesame Oil (Goma Oil) in 56fl oz (1.59 L) can. Product of Japan.and#12459and#12489and#12516 and#12372and#12414and#27833 and#22823and#12365and#12356and#12469and#12452and#12474 100%and#22825and#28982and#32993and#40635and#20351and#29992

Quick facts

  • Kadoya Brand Sesame Oil
  • 100% pure sesame oil
  • Product of Japan
  • 56 FL. oz

Top reviews

Best Sesame on the planet!

This is THE sesame oil to get, by far. It has a smokey type taste that gives a hint of Asian cooking that tastes so great. The actual container pours kind of oddly but you get used to it.
MozellaTaunton, MA

Happy Customer

I bought a few small bottles locally and fell in love with Sesame Oil. The benefits of it for your health are excellent and the price and size can’t be beat! If I had more space I’d buy more at one time. You have to get use to the spout when pouring, but the quality of the content, and price is totally worth the adjustment.
KaseyGallman, MS

Love this oil!

I can not get this oil in my local market and I use sesame oil quite a bit in my menus. The oil available here is very much inferior. I had been buying Kadoya on my trips north and bringing it down. Finding it available in this size and in this container is a Godsend! Will re-order as needed…
GriceldaJackson, PA

Excellent product. Excellent service from company.

I’ve used this product for years, but I have difficulty finding it where I live. Amazon had the product shipped to my door overnight, and didn’t charge me for shipping. The 56-oz. size will last a long time, but when I need it again, I’ll know where to get it. I use toasted sesame oil in my salad dressing. It provides a tasty spin in traditional oil and vinegar dressings.
NestorHueysville, KY

Good but, but bad smelling oil

We use this type of oil in a chicken marinade we just love. The oil has a very very strong smell. We are not unhappy with the product, but the oil just has a very very strong unpleasant smell. We use 1/2 of the amount the recipe calls for. Will not re-order this product again.
CathleenKing William, VA

The only Sesame Oil!

This is the only sesame oil I will use. The aroma, taste, and texture (it’s not greasy…) makes the dish what it was intented to be! Where I live it is hard to find Kadoya Sesame Oil so I have to resort to ordering it off line. The 56 oz is only ideal if you cook ALOT…a little of this goes a long way…trust me!
LaunaDobson, NC