Kamfen Noodle King – Beef Soup Flavored 2.65 oz

Kamfen Noodle King – Beef Soup Flavored 2.65 oz is produced by Lechu Foods and originates from China. This product is made in China.

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No flavor to speak of.

Kamfen Noodle King -Beef flavored soup. This noodle soup comes in a carton waxed paper bowl. Included are noodles, and three flavor packets. You add boiling water after you add the packets of dehydrated vegetables, spices, and a paste of some sort.
The noodles were starchy, and there was little or no vegetable flavor. The beef taste was probaly beef bullion cubes. All in all, a soup with very little flavor and my guess, high in sodium.
There are much, much better ramen noodle soups available. You can cross this one off your list.
DeloresFremont, NH