Kar’s Nuts Sweet ‘n Spicy Mix, 1.75-Ounce Bags

Your Kar’s alarm can go off at any time. It’s the feeling you get when your energy does a nosedive and your stomach says, ‘Feed me and it better be good!’ At these times, it better be Kar’s Sweet ‘N Spicy Mix. Your mouth savors the blend of mellow sweetness and a little hot-cha-cha while protein, magnesium, zinc and copper put your energy levels back in business.

Quick facts

  • Pack of seventy two, 1.75-ounce (total of 126-ounce)
  • Zero trans fat
  • Zero cholesterol

Top reviews

a different snack

The fat-by-gram count might seem high, and the calorie servings .. by pack .. are 290. Kars uses M & M types of candy-coated chocolates, with many peanuts of diff. types, plus raisins, sunflower seeds in a FINE combo, though. The price, per-pack, is VERY-reasonable .. and the contents .. better than many other snacks of ANY kind. This is NOT “junk food”!
TristanLawrenceburg, TN


Awesome product, saves me 50 cents a day…the product is $1.00 in the vending machines and only 50 cents if purchased this way…
AlainaFiskdale, MA