Kartoffelland 12 Knodel, Halb & Halb

Kartoffelland 12 Knodel-Halb and Halb is a German potato dumpling mix from those great Potato People at Kartoffelland. Half and half dumpling mix means that half the mixture is made from raw potatoes. Its tase is so healthy and delicious. English cooking instructions included in it. Stir package contents into about 3 1/4 cups cold water. Let stand for 10 minutes. Wet hands and form mix into 12 dumplings. To make them extra-special, add croutons into the center of dumplings. Place dumplings into pot of boiling water and wait til water boils again. Reduce heat and cook uncovered for 20 minutes. Serve with any knorr gravy mix and enjoy.

Quick facts

  • Classic potato dumpling mix
  • Easy to prepare
  • Just add water
  • Pack of 14 12-ounce boxes

Top reviews


The dumplings are great! Just as I know them from home – Germany….
Super fast delivery too!
FlorenciaBrowns Valley, MN

Look like a certified chef

Potato,half and half dumplings are a staple around my house.I serve them with soups and stews mostly and everybody loves them especially me.They are so simple to prepare that even the worst cook can shine like a professional
HerschelEast Bridgewater, MA


I was a little bit hesitant to order this many boxes of potato dumplings without knowing the brand. It turns out that the taste and texture is very similar to the brand names,excellent! For an off-brand the price is too high, but altogether a great product for those who miss their Knoedel on the plate next to the roast and gravy!
OdiliaTanner, AL

Just like I remeber

Well packaged and shipped quickly by amazon. Instructions in German/English in the back. Real simple way to remind you of the nostalgic moments of Germany. Highly Recommended! The price is great too! I get to have shipped to my front door with a 60% discount!
JettaBell Buckle, TN

A great value!

These packs of Dumplings are a good size and make 12 dumplings each pack. I can’t buy the mix in stores that good and that cheap! Absolutely delicious!
JanellaBrowder, KY

Time saver

Just as tasty as the real made from scratch ones but you save an hours work in just 10 minutes!!
StevieNew Lebanon, OH

big packages

These are big packages, much bigger than the main brand found in the U.S. They are not as salty, and also have a different, more natural tasting texture — somewhat more like the fresh dumpling dough sold in Germany. Good deal.
RobinPennsboro, WV