Kashi Cookies, Happy Trail Mix, 8.5-Ounce Boxes

With real nutrition baked in, Kashi Cookies make your sweet tooth naturally happy. Delight in every delectable bite of hearty seeds, whole nuts, sun-ripened fruit and the goodness of our whole grains.

Quick facts

  • The Happy Trail Mix cookie is a soft and chewy little indulgence made with tangy-sweet cranberries, raisins, sunflower seeds, peanuts and real nutrition baked right in.
  • Our cookies combine our signature Seven Whole Grain blend with wholesome ingredients for a home-baked taste you can feel good about indulging in.
  • Everything we love goes into our nutty, fruity cookies for a wholesome mix of yumminess; No hydrogenated oils.
  • 12g Whole Grains* per serving (*48g or more of whole grains recommended daily day)
  • 4g Fiber** per serving (**5g fat per serving)

Top reviews


This product is the Kashi Happy Trail Mix COOKIES not Trail Mix Granola Bars as pictured!
GudrunPoint Clear, AL

My Favorite Cookie!!

I love these Kashi “Happy Trail Mix” Cookies. My local supermarkets carry only the other two kinds of Kashi Cookies — the “Flax” and the “Chocolate” — but to me there’s no comparison. So I was delighted to discover them at Amazon.com. And “subscribe and save” keeps them coming.
LacieEagan, TN

Use to think Kashi was good

The product seem to vary quite a bit on quality, Sometime it taste funny, others it’s a bit burnt, occasionally it’s good
They are using GMO’s in their products and side with Monsanto on GMO labeling. That by itself it enough for me to never buy from them again. There are healthier cookie choices out there.
VincentNew Cumberland, WV

Nutritious alternative, one cookie is a serving, and really satiating.

Okay, it’s kashi, it’s healthy, it’s full of real food, in as much, these are more substantial (read thick and grainy) than a regular cookie…these are not going to taste like standard sugar and fat laden cookies…the cookies are rather dry (and i do have some concerns about the little packs in the boxes that keep the cookies …umm fresh) I’m not sure how safe/healthy those are but i’m not a scientist so i’ll leave it at that (I guess they are moisture control) anyhow, all in all these cookies are good for someone who wants a cookie but without the guilt factor. These are one at a time sized cookies, and I actually can’t imagine wanting to eat more than one at a sitting anyhow because they are kind of hard to work through (See grainy/dry) but the flavor overall is good, I prefer oatmeal raisin over this or the dark chocolate variety but that’s subjective. ..Also, something to note, if you are buying kashi items in bulk be prepared to eat a lot of them and quickly as the expiration dates are usually no more than 2 or 3 months past purchse (afterall these don’t have all the chemicals/preservatives of your typical quick foods) All in all, this is a great healthy option for cookie lovers, or would work well in a kids lunch box!
MichaleChesapeake City, MD

organic cookies

All Kashi products are healthy. The cookies are low in sugar and fat and made with ingredients that are recognizable! They’re soft and taste good:)
NecoleBigfork, MN

8.5 ounces is 8 cookies…

Awesome cookies. 3 stars off for the packaging.

Our family loves these cookies, we have been buying them since kashi released the product. The box these arrived in looks exactly like the box we usually buy, I guess I did not pay attention to the actual ounces. Before this order, there where always 3 pockets containing 4 cookies each, for a total of 12 cookies per box. This box is mainly dead air space with 2 pockets containing 4 cookies each. 8.5 ounces is 8 cookies.

RoselleModoc, SC

great deal great product

We love these breakfast cookies. At least that is what we eat them for and it is hard to find this particular flavoring in the stores. We have no trouble purchasing the other two flavors but can never find these. Thank you for supplying them to us.
BrendanBellows Falls, VT

Love it

One cookie is enough to fill you up for a while and is filled with the goodness of oatmeal and trailmix, you won’t feel guilty indulding in this treat. A great alternative to the fatty pepperidge farm cookies.
ElroyColville, WA

little bit of everything

I love these cookies. They have a little bit of everything and are so good. Soft baked and they make you feel good about eating them. Shared with a couple friends and they enjoyed them as well.
CarliLakehurst, NJ