Kashi Fruit & Grain Bar, Dark Chocolate Coconut, Layered Granola, 1.1 oz Bars, 6 Count,

Introducing the latest addition to the TLC® family of snacks – TLC, Tasty Little Chewies Fruit & Grain Bars, a delightfully delicious layered granola bar. They’re made with our signature blend of rolled Seven Whole Grain chewy granola for hearty, natural goodness you can see and taste, a thick layer of real, soft fruit and hearty nuts. And with 4g of Fiber, 4g of Protein and real fruit, they’re as nourishing as they are tasty. Of course, our TLC Fruit & Grain bars are filled with so many tasty goodies, you won’t miss high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and preservatives – we promise.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6, 6.7 ounce boxes
  • Dark chocolate coconut
  • 4 grams of fiber
  • Made with real fruit
  • 0g trans fat
  • A delightfully sweet combination–a layer of real soft fruit mixed with rich, dark chocolate, plus delicate strands of coconut and crunchy walnuts
  • Pack of six 6-count boxes (total of 36 bars)
  • All-natural bar with 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein, free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and preservatives
  • Enjoy this healthy snack bar and stay satisfied for a long time
  • Kashi is on a seven whole grains mission–a mission to provide you with foods that are real, satisfying, and sustaining

Top reviews

Frosting on a Granola bar? Eeeww!

I usually love Kashi’s products, but this one is not good at all. I LOVE dark chocolate and I LOVE coconut, so I thought these were going to be pretty much the best thing ever. As soon as I got them home, I opened one to try it. I was sadly disappointed in both the chocolate and coconut taste of this bar. The so-called “dark chocolate” is a paste-like frosting that, being chocolate, obviously should taste good, but has a weird texture that makes it gross. I was thinking it was going to be like a layer of actual chocolate, similar to the layer of chocolate on the bottom of Kashi’s Go-Lean Crunch bars (which are totally yummy), not chocolate flavored frosting on the top of the granola bar. Second, these do NOT taste like coconut at all. There is a sprinkling of dried coconut on the top of the nasty frosting, but you can’t even taste it, mostly because the chocolate-y taste of the paste, uh, I mean frosting overwhelms it. My kids won’t even eat them and they will eat anything with frosting on it. Actually, I guess now I have to say they will eat ALMOST anything with frosting on it. I would skip these in favor of ANY OTHER Kashi granola bar. Don’t waste your money, unless you like to eat paste and have always been searching for a chocolate flavored paste (with a sprinkling of coconut) to smear on a granola bar.
KimbraGlandorf, OH

Hard to go Wrong With Coconut + Dark Chocolate

While I love most of Kashi’s bars, I can understand why some people find them to be too bland, too granola, etc. I just have to echo what other reviewers have noted. The combination of Dark Chocolate and Coconut makes these Kashi Bars delicious. I suppose the only hitch would be if you don’t like coconut or dark chocolate. Then I can only feel sorry for your taste buds.
MaryaCaldwell, OH

Really delicious! Best Kashi bar yet

I have tried several Kashi TLC bars… I like most of them, but this is by far my favorite flavor, and at 120 calories per bar I don’t feel like I’m “breaking the bank.” They are satisfying and good for a quick snack when you’re on the go. A smooth layer of chocolate adorns the top, with nuts and coconut. The chocolate is mixed with dates and other fruits to make it sweeter.

I’m not sure what else to say about these bars – except they’re delicious and you should try them. Hope this helps!

MeghannFlatwoods, KY

Not At All What I Expected!

These Kashi bars are awesome! I’ve tried Kashi products before and was really not all that impressed. I saw this flavor and I LOVE coconut and chocolate together. I thought I would give them a try but thought they would at best be tolerable. To my surprise they are wonderful. They have a thick coat of dark chocolate not a sparse little drizzle. They are only 120 calories and make a great snack. I will buy more of these.
RemediosSalem, SD

Best Kashi Bar Ever

The chocolate and coconut flavor is so good. You feel like you are eating something really bad, but you’re not. Only 120 calories per bar, 4 grams of fiber, no corn syrup or artificial ingredients. I was under the impression that these would be chewy granola bars because the box says “tasty little chewies” on the front but the granola layer is more on the hard/crunchy side. I think it would be better if it was a more chewy bar. I absolutely love the taste though and that’s why I’m giving it 5 stars instead of 4 because of the hardness of the granola.
JeanettaLettsworth, LA

The Best Bars Ever!

I absolutely love these bars, they are so yummy. The thick layer of dark chocolate satisfies the sweet tooth and the coconut and nuts on top are an added bonus, try them and you will love them too. They are flying off store shelves, my grocery store can’t keep them in stock so I had to order them from Kashi directly, which is cheaper than through Amazon. If you are on Weight Watchers these are 2 pts a bar. Very delicious! Thanks Kashi!
GertrudMendon, IL

Absolutely delicious

I got a sample of this in the mail and it is just incredibly tasty. Generally I don’t like coconut but here I felt it really added to the different textures of all the grains in the bar. It reminded me a little bit of muesli bars. Anyway, for it’s size I was quite pleased – I feel full (satisfied) after eating it! All the while when I was eating the bar I couldn’t help commenting on how tasty it was, and how the various subtle flavors and textures of the ingredients came through.
DeeSouth Dartmouth, MA


All I have to say is wow! These are awesome tasting, addicting and pretty good for you too. The only problem when I eat these bars is after eating one I am craving more! I think what really does it for me is the chocolate, without it this bar just wouldn’t be the same. The chocolate is a bit different than regular chocolate though, the texture seems a bit more syrupy or something…none the less it is very good! Perfect for a quick snack, a small treat, or on the go!
LovettaMurdock, NE


The taste was superb. They aren’t too dry. Some nutrition type bars can be dry.
ShirleyBayboro, NC

Absolutely Delicious

This stuff tastes like candy! It’s deliciously sweet, but not sickening so, and you don’t feel gross afterward. Oh and what a wonderful chocolate ‘kick’. It doesn’t keep you full from breakfast till lunch, but it’s a great between meal snack. It may be ‘health food’ but I prefer the taste to most junk food, plus I have a clear conscience after I eat it.
ElwoodMontclair, CA

addictive, but gradually wanes

If you’re a chocolate and coconut fan, these Kashi’s hit the spot. I agree with another reviewer who said the calorie count is minimal, but sometimes it’s hard not to eat the whole box. However, over time, the desire to eat more than one does seem to wear off. Kashi does a terrific job of combining nutrition and taste without going overly sweet. This variety is the best of their sweeter choices. The honey almond flax nevertheless remain my favorite overall. Kashi Granola Honey Almond Flax,1.2-Ounce Bars (Pack of 24)
RomanMikana, WI

these are almost too good

These are so good I have to be careful not to grab more than on — not a great thing on my diet. Other Kashi bars I liked, but never had to exercise self control. Yum.
JeniMorgantown, IN


I am really trying to be good this spring and am determined that I will drop at least 10 more lbs by Memorial Day so i am trying to watch what I eat. I found these on sale at the local grocery store so I figured I would give them a try. They are FABULOUS! The Amazon price can’t be beat, especially when you sign up for the subscription service.
KrystenHalifax, MA

The best Kashi fruit and grain bar. Easily.

I’ve become a big fan of whole grain, and Kashi cereals in particular. Some of Kashi’s bars can be a bit dry, but the Dark Chocolate and Coconut is my standby, go to “granola” bar. The dark chocolate “icing” and soft coconut make this bar a decadent delight, while remaining reasonably healthy. This bar is really tough to beat.
KittieHanover, NM


I usually get granola bars at the grocery store and decided to go out on a limb and buy a 6×6 pack here based on other reviews. I had not tried this flavor before but was not disappointed! It’s my favorite of the Kashi bars I’ve tried so far. Honestly, what’s not to love? Dark chocolate that’s sweetened with dates, coconut, only 120 calories… I’ll probably need to buy another pack very soon since the first one is going to be gone fast!
CarleyBoiceville, NY

Chocolate and dates didn’t mix well

I expected the chocolate topping to be all chocolate but it’s mostly a paste made with dates. Not my favorite.
StarrEdmonds, WA


This bar is delicious and has the perfect amount of calories for a snack, NOT enough calories for a meal though. I am very happy with this purchase 🙂
MarylouiseChildwold, NY

Needs more coconut

Kashi is way too stingy with the coconut. BUT, if you add a tablespoon of bakers coconut to the top of a bar ( added 35 calories), it is pretty good.
GuadalupeRay Brook, NY

Chewy and soft!

I dont usually buy granola because its usually difficult to chew and the taste just isnt there. But I thought I would give this product a chance given the fact that I love dark chocolate. I was really surprised by the soft texture of the dark chocolate topping and the chewy (NOT HARD) granola on the bottom. Plus the taste is awesome, I would recommend this product to anyone and I definitely will buy more kashi bars in the future.
DonnettaFulks Run, VA

Tastes great with no sticky/crumby mess

These bars taste great! The chocolate on top is almost like a layer of icing, which had me rechecking the modest sugar content of the bars (and to my delight, I might add). The ingredients are fine, also. The coconut and walnuts add a little texture to the bar, not to mention more antioxidants. The bar isn’t gooey/sticky like some, it doesn’t stick to your teeth and it isn’t extremely crumby. One of the best granola bars on the market.
DotBrowning, IL

The BEST tasting granola bars!

I was a bit hesitant to order so many of these bars at one time until I remembered that I got them from Amazon! I can return them if the family didn’t like them! Well, I did not get a chance to return them. Not only did my husband, (who, by the way, does NOT like coconut), like them, my son favors them over all the other kashi bars! I will be putting these in my shopping cart again.
TheronTowson, MD


These bars are great; the chocolate and coconut on top is a nice touch and I eat them more as a healthy dessert than a snack. I have had almost all of the Kashi bars and these are my favorite. Highly recommended.
ShannaFarnhamville, IA

gotta love the taste for the calories

Its hard to believe these kashi bars are so delicious when you look at the nutrition facts, but I’m here to tell you that it’s true. You can have your chocolate, protien, and fiber too. All in one delicious bar for just 120 calories with 30 from fat.

You can’t pass these up!

GiseleDovray, MN

LOVE Kashi Dark Chocolate Bars

I LOVE these Kashi TLC Dark Choclate Coconut Fruit & Grain Bars! They are incredibly tasty & satisfying. Also, because they are high in fiber and low in fat, they are the perfect dessert for those who are watching their food intake. I am addicted!
KaseyCanyon, CA

love it

I love these bars. I didn’t realize the chocolate would be spread on I was thinking it would maybe be in chunks or something, but I love them none the less. Was worried about having to buy them in bulk amount, but now I am glad I did. Great for a snack or healthy take to work snack. Shared with friends also. Wish the bar was a couple bites bigger 🙂
GinaOng, NE

Just what I was looking for!

Tasty and relatively healthy. It fills me up. Very convenient. I drink a glass of water with one for breakfast. Works as a diet food without tasting like it.
GenaroWinchendon Springs, MA

Love them

The kids and I all love these bars. They have a hint of sweetness, but not too sweet. Started ordering them from Amazon because they can be really hard to find at the grocery stores. The price is good this way too. We ate them all up within a few weeks.
HeribertoWyandotte, MI

Best Kashi Product ever

I’m in the process of trying to change to a healthier diet. I had tried Kashi products before but often had been disappointed. However, with these bars this was definitely not the case! Absolutely delicious! Best Kashi product by far!
ChristelGlendale, AZ

YUMMY and Healthy!

My family is really big on bars, either for when they are just in a hurry and need a snack, or for the kids’ lunches. It’s hard to find a yummy AND healthy bar for less than $1 a piece…which is what we have found in these! If you choose the subscribe and save option, they are only $.42 a piece! Amazing! They have tons of fiber and protein AND low sugar content. You get a total of 36 bars, and ours were gone within the week of receiving. Amazing. Mind you- my two oldest kids- 11 and 16- do not like dark chocolate- but loved these! I chose the once a month option for delivery, but I’m going to see if I can speed up my next delivery to come sooner than that!
GaryPrimrose, NE

These appeal to ‘boomers’ and teenagers

Bought these recently in an effort to increase our multigrain consumption and watch calories. So I’ve been eating them as well as my 48-year old husband. They taste pretty good and the texture is like a firm rice krispy bar. There isn’t as much coconut on them as what’s pictured on the box, but that’s okay because the coconut and dark chocolate balance is just right – not overly sweet. Anyway, my 17-year old daughter and her boyfriend also snack on these bars too….which means they have a cross-generational and cross-gender appeal! I’ll continue to purchase these from Amazon….more convenient and cheaper than getting them at the grocery store.
VitaPort Hadlock, WA