Kashi GOLEAN Bar, Malted Chocolate Crisp, 1.94-Ounce Bars

With a delicious chocolate coating, this bar’s light, chocolaty center will take you back to your favorite malted shake. Our original Kashi Golean bars are high in protein and fiber to help keep you full. And they’re sweet and chewy to keep you happy. Our

Quick facts

  • Case of 12 2.75-ounce bars (total of 33 ounces)
  • Made with Kashi Seven Whole Grains and Sesame Cereal
  • Light, chocolaty center, with a chocolate coating
  • All-natural; kosher-certified
  • High-protein: 13 grams; high-fiber: 6 grams

Top reviews

Bland, very little flavor.

I bought these because I wanted an energy/meal bar that tasted good. I love malt flavor so I was really excited to try these. There’s a very light hint of chocolate/malt flavor but if it wasn’t written on the package, I wouldn’t have thought it tasted like malt at all. Basically, if you really like malt, this doesn’t taste like it. The only upside is that it’s a little larger than most energy bars and it’s filling but the taste is pretty bland. The search continues! I think I’m going to try a oat and fruit bar next.
GeorgineOxford, WI


Love malted flavor, do not like the Kashi GOLEAN bar. Not tasty and takes forever to chew one bite. Hard, hard, hard.
EliaHighland Falls, NY

I probably eat too many 🙂

I love these, I think too much. Delicious & filling. But when you eat too many, even if it is supposed to be healthy, I’m not sure that’s healthy 🙂
ArnulfoSprague, NE

Parent, Kid, or Grandparent: Go with Golean by Kashi !

I love Kashi products. We eat several of the Kashi dry cereals. I need a good and healthy snack bar for travel or for when I can’t stop to breakfast. This, for me , is a great choice. I would also recommend this as a healthy snack for kids after school or while doing homework…goes great with a tall glass of lowfat or skim milk. I also buy other Kashi bar products for my husband to take out on the golf links. So, I say: Go anywhere, anytime with Kashi Golean.
IngeReynoldsville, PA

Better than Cliff / Power bars

I like these quite a bit better than Power Bars or Cliff Bars. Both of these seem to leave me with a serious lack of interest after one or two while kayaking. The Kashi Bars fare much better. The Malted Chocolate is my favorite, but they all are quite tasty.

Only problem – the chocolate coating gets soft or melts in hot weather. So here’s a tip… just hold them under water for a few minutes to cool ’em off before eating.

TianaRomulus, NY

Great tasting protein bar

The bar itself is pretty tasty. Some people may not like the soy chalky taste, however, I find this one better than the average protein bar. For those who lives in the hot climate, I would not recommand ordering this product during the summertime since it arrived half melted from Amazon. I live in AZ BTW. Overall, great tasting bar!
JeannineNew Windsor, MD

My new favorite bar

Kashi golean roll bars are very tasty and filling. I like all of the flavors, including this one. Sure, it doesn’t taste like candy- because it’s not.
SoniaHecker, IL

Nutricious, Delicious Cookie

My son who eats nothing that is good for him likes this Kashi bar. Extremely high praise because he is impossible to feed. I like them too and they are not too sweet.
RayleneIuka, KS


Nice flavour, almost that of malted milk balls with far less guilt. I’m a kashi bar fan and this one is also very nice.
SachaSeaside, CA

Fantastic Meal Replacement!

My whole family loves the Kashi Chewy Bars (including my 6 year old)! If you’re expecting the taste of a candy bar, then yes…you will be disappointed. However, in my humble opinion these are the best tasting meal replacement bars I’ve ever had! These bars usually hold me over for 3-4 hours. According to my handy calculator, they’re only 6 points each for those of us who count Weight Watchers Points.
DiedreSag Harbor, NY

Kashi Malt

Not a very strong malt taste like I was expecting. Overall taste is somewhat artificial. Very filling and easy to grab as a snack.
TasiaPacific, MO

Good for you

Kashi bars are high in protein and fiber to help keep you full while dieting. They are full of good-for-you ingredients. This particular bar actually does taste like Malted Chocolate Crisp. All of the Kashi bars are very sweet including this one. Great meal replacement and sweet tooth solver! Taste is reminiscent of Whoppers candy.
TerresaAroda, VA