Kashi GOLEAN Instant Hot Cereal, Hearty Honey & Cinnamon, 11.28-Ounce Boxes

Lightly sweet with a hearty bite, our honey cinnamon hot cereal provides protein, fiber and tastiness. Kashi GOLEAN hot cereals give you the goodness of whole grains and protein with a warm touch.

Quick facts

  • Delight in the taste of golden honey and cinnamon in a tasty hearty whole grain cereal. We created our GOLEAN cereals with our Seven Whole Grains, plus protein and fiber. Tasty and nutritious, it helps your day get off to a good start.
  • 7g Protein; 5g Fiber; 20g of Whole Grains* (*48g or more of whole grains recommended daily day)
  • Development of heart disease depends upon many factors, but its risk may be reduced by diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol and healthy lifestyles.

Top reviews


Flavor of this product needs to be improved, honey and cinnamon?? Add my own cinnamon helps a little, but the smell when cooking not good also.
MaximinaOcean Springs, MS

great taste, but. . .

NOT instant, as the package says. To be fair, the package does also have, in somewhat smaller and less prominent print, a detailed statement telling the buyer that microwaving/cooking will be necessary. BUT if you just look at the package front, you’ll get the impression you can make this like you make instant oatmeal. Not so.

I hate using microwaves, so that was a big turn-off for me.

All that said, the stuff is delicious and definitely warms me up and fills my tummy, keeping me from getting hungry better than most oatmeals do.

The texture is thicker and heartier than regular instant oatmeals, kind of a cross between a light muesli and oatmeal. I make mine, add about 2 ounces of organic skim milk, and I’m good to go. The sweetness is light and wonderful, no overly-sugary yuckiness.

SusanaEaston, MO

Favorite Hot Cereal

This is my new favorite hot cereal and has a unique hearty

flavor that I’ve not found in any other. Very satisfying

and not too sweet. Excellent!

BartonElkton, MD

I love this stuff

I discovered these a few months ago and now I eat them for breakfast everyday. The nutrition info is good and so is the taste.
IngridSaint Libory, NE

Review of Golean Honey & Cinnamon Hot Cereal

Thank you for stocking this cereal. It has been increasingly difficult to find in the supermarkets so having this cereal mailed on a schedule has been wonderful. This cereal is extremely tasty and healthy. I also like the consistency which is smooth and so different from the wall paper paste consistency of the Quaker Oats hot cereals.
KennyBig Sandy, MT

This oatmeal will stick to your ribs . . .

I really like the hearty texture of this multi-grain oatmeal. I wish there was more cinnamon and less honey but that’s a personal preference. I’ll use my cinnamon grinder! I shorten the cooking time by adding boiling water and then microwaving for 15-20 seconds. This product may come in a packet but it’s a great tasting and superior ‘instant’ oatmeal.
MeaghanMarble Falls, AR

Best Oatmeal!

Kashi Brand oatmeal is truly different from many others I’ve tried. The Go Lean Instant is not an oatmeal with the usual hot oatmeal texture. It’s not thick and pasty as many other brands are. It’s got a nutty consistency and a thinner base – it doesn’t feel like food that’s been chewed for you. It wins in both texture & taste categories!
LucioEdgar, WI

Cheaper than the GoLean website

I have been using Kashi GoLean oatmeal for a few years now and I used to be able to buy it locally but no longer. I then ordered it online from the Kashi GoLean website. I decided to check out Amazon to see if they handled this product, they did and I saved a lot of money. I will now buy everything from Amazon.
MarvelCoxsackie, NY

Fantastic Breakfast Option

This is a fabulous hot cereal. I eat it almost every morning. Sometimes I’ll have a bowl at night too for a healthy snack. It tastes great with water or milk. I also love adding fruit. Bananas are an excellent addition. Very filling too.
CarynSouthaven, MS

Love this cereal…

I am not a breakfast eater, and not a particular fan of oatmeal. I decided to give this a try as it had a greater amount of protein than most cereals of this nature. It is very lightly sweet (not like Quaker’s etc), and a teeney bit chewy texture, which I find I like. I sometimes cube a little apple and throw into the microwave first for 30 seconds, then add the cereal to it to cook. I really, really like this cereal so much so that I have it on ‘Subscribe & Save’, as it is the best value. Besides which, I don’t have to go chasing it down in the grocery stores. Sometimes there, sometimes not. Prices are also much higher in the store, unless it is on sale.
RonaKempton, IN

Kashi Oatmeal

I like eating this Kashi oatmeal and the Quaker Oats one. I like the Kashi one because it is naturally sweetened with honey and cinnamon and not a whole bunch of sugar like the Quaker Oats one tends to be. Also this oatmeal has more of a nutty (or different) flavoring to it over the Quaker Oats. I also noticed that it seems to take just a bit longer for this oatmeal to cook versus the Quaker Oats, but that doesn’t bother me.
RosalieDugger, IN

real breakfast

I have the instant Hot Cereal at least three times a week. I used hot water then place the bowl in the microwave for 25 seconds.
EldonDixie, WA

Never want to kick this habit!

I have been eating Kashi Honey and Cinnamon hot cereal every day for probably 5 years. After cooking I stir in about a 1/4 cup of raisins. It is so filling and satisfying! The Kashi is 150 calories and the raisins add another 130.

I used to be able to find Kashi hot cereal at Walmart and Target, but now it is only stocked at Kroger. It very rarely goes on sale and the regular price is nearly $4 a box! I started ordering it by the case from Amazon’s Subscribe & Save. I never have to worry about running out and I’m saving about 15% off the grocery store price, plus (for now) I don’t have to pay tax or shipping.

DarinDownsville, WI

Very tasty cereal

Good product, very healthy and tasty. Fair price. We mix it with natural oatmeal while is cooking. The outcome of this mix is a very delightful breakfast. We add raising, blue berries, dates and nuts… becomes a complete meal.
GarlandHensley, AR

Keeps you regular

Great texture and highly recommended. It helped me stay regular. Each packet is considered 1 serving; however if this was my sole breakfast, I would be starving in an hour.
ReneEarlysville, VA

FAVORITE oatmeal

I eat oatmeal almost every day for breakfast, and this brand and flavor is by far my favorite. It has a great not-too-sweet flavor and a good crunch. I also appreciate that it has less calories and more protein than most other brands’ flavored instant oatmeals.
DelphineGradyville, PA

Great taste and healthier than most……

Great taste and healthier than most……Kashi GOLEAN Instant Hot Cereal, Hearty Honey & Cinnamon, 11.28-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)…..much better price than in the grocery stores.
VernitaClarkfield, MN

Great Deal!

Not only is this a great price (unlike the regular cereals, I’ve never seen this on sale at the store), the automatic delivery is very convenient.
ThadDeer Creek, MN

Not a rip off!!!

To the person who states that the price is a rip off…if you can read you would see that Amazon offers a six pack and if you can also multiply you would also know that six times three is eighteen…I love the taste and the fact that there are whole grains, plus soy, so i dont have to use milk, also there is honey and cane juice included so there is no need to add sugar either…
ShawnnaCasar, NC

Mmmm Good.

Stuff is great. For some reason I can’t find it on the store shelves, so I need to order it online.
IlanaBarlow, OH

Best Cereal Ever …

I have been a huge fan of Kashi Go Lean Cereal – Excellent blend of low sugar, multiple grains, high fiber and high protein content. I am also impressed with Amazon’s quality delivery service.
TimmyNorco, CA

GREAT cereal, but amazon is way too expensive…

This is so much better tasting, and better for you than the (conventional) sugar laden instant oatmeal packages… The taste is richer and more complex, and it is not as sweet. I love it!!

BUT, I can usually find this in stores for under $3 a box, so this amazon price is a total rip off!!! 🙁

AliceQuakertown, NJ

my go to hot cereal

I eat this practically every morning for breakfast with a yogurt and a piece of fruit. I really like the taste…dont have to add any sugar but i do add some golden raisins, but you can add anything you want to it.Tastes great, not a meal in itself for me but a good base for breakfast. My only complaint would be that you microwave it. With research saying microwaves alter the molecules of food in a bad way i’m going to have to experiment with this on the stovetop. I like it a lot and am glad i gave it a try.
MauriceWarbranch, KY


Shipping is more than the price of the product when you get it from DAB Nutrition! Best breakfast! Like to carry some for a snack at work – no sugar dump, but sweet enough. Also, add nuts, or frozen berries, or a pinch of cocoa, or a tbsp. of steel cut oatmeal – use your imagination! Never boring.
ArmindaFortuna, ND

Healthy Filling Breakfast

This product is a healthy way to start each day. The only downside- you can’t just add hot water, you are supposed to microwave it. Not as sweet as other brands, so it takes a bit to get used to.
JuliettaOlla, LA


Great hot cereal! Love it in the morning or as a late night snack! Low cal and high protein and great on those cold winter days! Make it with milk or water, either way is delicious.
OscarBuford, GA