Kasugai Litchi

Kasugai Litchi Gummy Candy in 4.41oz (125g) Pack. Kasugai Litchi gummies are gummy candy which has the flavor and texture of the original fruit. Delicious Gummy with Real Lithchi Flavor. Product of Japan. カスガイ ライチグミキャンディ ライチの美味しさが詰まったグミキャンディ

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I don’t really like this Lychee Gummy candy.

I don’t really like this Lychee Gummy candy. I ate real Lychee last year in China. But this candy tasted weird. My kids and my husband didn’t like the flavor either. My son said there were some white powers on the candy. Better be another one if you are looking for some Asian snacks.
CarolDahlgren, VA

tastes like the fruit, delicious

These gummies are the most delicious I have tasted. Compared to their American counterparts, these are practically the real fruit. Their flavor is fresh and bright, and they taste just like the real thing, but with that fun gummy texture.
The lychee gummies are no exception. They have the aroma and pleasant aftertaste the fruit has with the hint of tanginess–they taste a hint more like the fresh kind than the canned, for those of you that have had both.
RavenGermantown, MD

There is a better Lychee candy

These are nice because they have a subtle flavor, but I like the flavor to linger on such a mild candy. I really like Kasugai Litchi (Lychee) Hard Candies better. This is a nice gummy candy because it does not stick to teeth. I really like Lychee fruit like the other person. I have had them at restaurants. Orange Flavor gummies are really better because they are more intense flavor and that is what I like in a gummy I have decided.
LeandraSherrill, NY

litchi gummies

these are fabulous. I first purchased them in san fran’s chinatown. having grown up eating lots of fresh lychees, these are the first lychee candies i’ve ever had that actually tasted like the real thing.
EdaCarlton, MN

Yummy in my tummy!!

All of the Kosugai product are very high quality, the flavors are incredibly juicy and true to life, mainly because the actual fruit is a main ingredient, but its not anything like those ‘fruit leathers’ this is an actual candy, it is the closest thing to eating the actual fruit as it gets in terms of juiciness and flavor. I buy these all the time now, I love all the flavors, particularly the Mangosteen, Lychee, kiwi, and strawberry.
VictoriaAmsterdam, NY

Lychee + Gummy = YUM!!

I’m a lover of lychee, and these do not disappoint. It’s a soft gummy, and not too chewy…just right. Got them for Christmas in my stocking last year, hoping it’s a repeat this year.
AdanMiddleburg, PA


Must try this ones. I just cant stop eating them.. Just BEAUTIFUL the feeling inside your mouth. Will start buying in bulk
ReynaldaJena, LA

Great gummies!

Omg, I found these great gummies in carrollton, and they are tasty, juicy and addicting!!! Try them out! I will reorder soon!
ColettaNorth East, PA

Mmmm yummy 🙂

So I was looking for more snacks and got the gummies. Was pleased to get this earlier than I imagined. I have been looking to lose weight and try and live healthier in general and know fruits are good to try and these low fat gummies can really help me lose weight. I am not at all diabetic and tried the fruit before too I think, along with the mandarins oranges (kind of like those). This is tasty and I want to try this flavor more often. I just have to start being responsible when it comes to my weight and my cholesterol. Not that I am an overeater just am happy to get something sweet that isn’t as fattening but very good to have around when I get hungry. I get hungry and reach for more. Very flavorful. I couldn’t be happier and I eat candy and sweet things whenever I want so I know what I’m talking about. Do try if you are searching for snacks or candy you want to make sure you have a bag. It’s so unique of a flavor and in a good way not like anything you wouldn’t really enjoy the flavor is amazingly good.
NarcisaTahoe City, CA

lychee candy

I bought this candy as a gift.
It was a big hit with the grand-kids and they enjoyed it a lot.
ElinoreAlleman, IA

Interesting Flavor

If you’re looking for an interesting gummy product then this is definitely one to check out. The flavor is very unique and the texture is comparable to lifesaver gummy product.
JosephineCenter, KY

Lychee Gummies

The gummies are great. I bought them 4 my mom and she ate them up. The product arrived quickly and in good condition.
AureliaSparks, NE

very tasty!

A neat package, cheap, of very tasty, lichee flavored gummy candy. Each piece of candy packed on it’s own guarantees the freshness. Yummy.
EveliaHuxford, AL