Katjes Kinder Licorice Cat-shaped Drops 200g Licorice Pieces

The original hard liquorice in the shape of a little cat. With real liquorice root juice.

Quick facts

  • 200g licorice pieces
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Please read all label information on delivery.

Top reviews

Perfect for hard licorice lovers!

If you like soft licorice, these cats aren’t for you.

A perfect anise-y balance of salty and sweet, these little licorice kitties are perfect! You pop one (or several) in your mouth and let them melt a bit before you embark on your flavorful chewy journey.
Hard exterior. Lasts forever if you suck on them. Everlasting licorice Katjes!!

Very fresh. Super fast shopping too. Thank you guys!

MayolaJerry City, OH

Not nearly as good as Bissinger’s French Long

After searching for a more constant and less expensive supply of “real” licorice over my favorite (more about that later), I decided to try this one based upon other reviews and the description. I have to say that I was disappointed. It is not intense enough and a bit too salty for my preference since all that I noticed was salt and more salt until it got down to the licorice flavor which I would charactize as “modest”. My all time favorite licorice was discovered years ago while visiting a St. Louis mall has been and remains an excellent choice made by Bissinger’s Chocolate Company and they call it French Long Licorice. It is not noticeably salty and packed with flavor without being a sicky-sweet candy. I say that and caution licorice lovers to know their favorite “type” of licorice; this is important when reading reviews and purchasing. I was looking for something not American-style junk candy, with actual licorice extract not anise, chewy, lasting, with true strong licorice flavor and no other flavor overtones.

As far a Bissinger’s is concerned, they do not make this licorice year round nor advertise it on their website or in their catalogs so you have to call their toll free number and ask if it has been in production. It is expensive but well worth it for excellent flavor and lasting ability (I can enjoy one for at least 15 minutes if I don’t chew). These are my favorite thing to have when reading a great book and I limit myself to 2 at a sitting for my “fix”; okay, sometimes 3 if it is a superb book:D.
The last time I ordered it they were generous and added a pound of their premium chocolate as a thank-you for being a customer that troubled to find their particular product because I do not live near one of their stores and unless I visit say St. Louis (where it is headquartered) I have to mail-order.Anyway, I prefer my licorice hard and let it soften in my mouth so when I get an order ($56 for 2lbs) I leave it out lightly wrapped for a few days to harden off. That makes it last longer in my mouth and does not affect flavor but that it personal mouth feel preference. It frezes without problems so I will just have to go back to that and pay for my pleasure and stock up :). Licorice-gotta have it!

TimmyMineral City, OH

dense licorice flavor

Very firm small pieces with an intense licorice flavor. I love black licorice and have been trying different gluten free options. I will be ordering more of this one.
EdwinaWest Bend, IA

Kind of stale

I don’t know whether it was a fault in the packaging or if they were just past their prime, but they were rock hard and the flavor was not strong enough.
NobleChicago Ridge, IL