Kay’s Naturals Protein Chips, Lemon-Herb, Gluten Free,1.2 Ounce Bags

Kay’s Naturals Non-Gluten Protein Chips, Lemon-Herb, 1.5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)

Quick facts

  • Box of 12 1.2-ounce bags (total of 18 ounces)
  • Crunchy soy-protein chips with a lemon-herb flavoring.
  • All-natural; gluten-free; no trans fat; no cholesterol; 110 calories per ounce
  • Balance of lean soy protein, carbohydrates, and fiber
  • Made in Minnesota

Top reviews

Gross dont buy!!

These taste gross and I would not eat them. They are going in the trash!!! Dont waste your money. You are better off just eating something else. I was very disappointed that the reviews said they were tasty because they are anything but. My dog wont even eat them.
EdwardDowners Grove, IL


I did not like these very much as a snack. I do think they might be good as a salad topping though.
DarleenSpruce Pine, AL

Avoid this product

This is the first product I have ever reviewed. I shop a lot on Amazon and rely on reviews and they have always helped me. This product is so bad, that I felt I had to warn others. I purchased it looking for healthy low fat snack. First off, the package says low fat. They may be low fat, but the chip is as greasy as they come. Next, the chip has no snap too it. It is soft and melts. Not something you want in a chip. Worst of all is the taste. The cheese flavor is prominent but nasty. Overall, avoid this product. I should have been tipped off by the price, which is fairly low for a supposedly healthy and gluten free product in this quantity.
SindyKensett, IA

New formula – Texture STALE, many CRUMBS, downsized to 1.2 ounces.

I bought this product before they reformulated it, and of course now. This product has definitely changed for the worse. The texture is not crispy at all, and even borders on tasting stale. There were many crumbs in the bag, and the package has been downsized from 1.5 ounces to 1.2 ounces. Not much to like here anymore. I will be removing it from my subscribe and save. What a disappointment, because I really did enjoy them before.

I am not allowed to review them independently but, there are several flavors if this product. At this time the Lemon Herb is still 1.5 ounces and the original formula. This could change at any time. I ordered another 12 pack of them before that formula also inevitably changes – they were terrific.

C’est la vie

RenaIvanhoe, VA

Not doritos – but pretty good!

If you’re expecting something as good as doritos, then you’ll be dissappointed. My family has eaten these for at least 3 years as my son had food allergies. So, we’re not necessarily eating them for the nutrition, that should say something. They’re good enough to eat just because.

It is a personal preference. If you generally like soy items, than you will probably like these. The soy taste, light as it is, is what most of my friends don’t like about them. Kids seem to like them better than adults. And, I would say the parm. & the nacho flavors are better. However, we like these too.

OrethaBurton, WA

Robin C

I ordered this item, and I ended up wasting $12.00 because they were terrible. Very bland, and tasted stale.

I would never order any other products from Kay’s natural line.

ChuCameron, MT


These are not low carb, which is the reason I purchased them. My fault, I guess for not looking closer. Also, they are terrible tasting. About 1/4 way through the bag I couldn’t stand them. That’s saying a lot because I LOVE food.
HerminaValatie, NY

gross chips

I thought these were terrible. I couldn’t finish a whole bag. However, the nacho flavor was there. I just thought they were so expensive for the taste. I brought them to work and a couple coworkers like them, but I really don’t. They’r not cruncy enough and they feel a little soft. Blah, didn’t like them.
AldenGuadalupe, CA

Cardboard *blah*, not refundable

I was really looking forward to a salty savory crunchy break from the usual sweet protein shakes and protein bars. This one was lousy. The chip is crunchy, salty and savory but the after taste is unbearable.

Also, I should have read the fine print… these are not refundable. I suggest that you should purchase one before buying an entire box. My mistake, but after reading so many rave reviews I thought I’d like it. Just goes to show you that everyone has different taste buds.

YasmineCunningham, WA

Not that great

These protein chips definately weren’t that great. I can’t say they were awful but they have a really grainy dry kinda taste. I think they would be good with dips, but I have only eaten them plain. I ordered the 12 pack and still have 11 boxes left lol. I would recommend sampling them somehow, try 1 box if you can, instead of 12!
MaryannaYabucoa, PR

Not a picky eater but EWWWW

Honestly, at first they tasted good, but after the second bag the taste was unbearable! My buddy who eats just about anything couldn’t even finish a bag! haha. I don’t know how these other people are eating these, but this product is not what I would want to eat. Also, there are 1.5 servings per little bag FYI (i.e. not much protein and fairly caloric- much much better off buying protein powder or eating chicken). I hate to bash this product, but I feel like I wasted my money on this one.
HoracioLake City, CA

Protein chips = bleech

The spicy flavoring on the chips is not bad and the chips are nice and crunchy. The chips themselves though, taste terrible. Somewhere between plain flour and dirt with a chemical tinge. No thanks.
BlytheLampeter, PA

These were really bad

I have had the nacho chili, and they were great. This was really terrible. Grandkids wouldn’t eat them, the smell grossed them out.

Smelled sort of musty and stale or something. Just a foul smell upon opening the bags…I guess a Poor combination of herbs with the lemon.

They became expensive dog treats.

JoyCabery, IL

Not great tasting, not horrible

These were just ok. They weren’t horrible, but not great either.
If I”m really hungry and need something fast, I’ll eat these.
They do fill me up at least.
RonnieLopez, PA

Not your average chip, but decently tasty

This might not fill a craving for “chips” but if you don’t go in expecting that, these aren’t bad. And the nutritional info on these is great. They are much more filling than other similar calorie snacks.
DelanaHaubstadt, IN

Superior taste

I tried the white cheddar and lemon-herb varieties. The white cheddar was OK. A bit bland, but acceptable. The lemon-herb chips were surprisingly good. Almost too good. It’s easier to stop after 1 bag with the white cheddar.

The good news is that, unlike many soy-content chips, these have a very nice (not at all mealy) texture. Nor are there any red-flag ingredients to worry about. The bad news is that they are higher carb than I had hoped. Here’s the breakdown for a bag of these lemon-herb chips…

calories – 110 (30% from fat)
fat – 3.5g
carbs – 14g
protein – 10g

If you’re on a low carb diet, these probably won’t fit. The cheddar chips might (10g carbs).

EmelineWatrous, NM

Good all round chips

Excellent flavor. Not as strong as Doritos, but strong enough that you won’t be tempted to dip them in anything. The texture is a bit unusual in that they are puffier than a normal chip but there is still a nice crunch to them.
StephaineEminence, MO

Good snack

This is a good snack. I liked them. Flavor just a little bit bland but still good.
BriceMetamora, IN

great protein

A great tasty way to get extra protein!!! All the flavors are great, and the small packages are the perfect size to not over eat!!
OdetteLe Grand, IA

Healthy AND tasty!

I love these chips. I used these on my diet program to satisfy my “munchie” cravings and lost 40 pounds. They make a great healthy snack. The chips I ordered from Amazon were very fresh and not stale at all.
NetaEastanollee, GA

Gastric Bypass Patient

I had gastric bypass surgery 2/6/07 and MUST increase my protein intake. These chips are the “perfect” way of doing so. While most of us got into this mess by eating “junk food”, this product will satisfy that “craving” for CRUNCH! I take them to work and in the car. Taste does take some getting used too, but when choices are “limited” (like mine) these are PERFECT!
ArdelleRuckersville, VA

I’m ordering more . . .

We first bought these from a local health food store because my son had food allergies. Kids love them. They do have a bit of a soy taste, but I still think they are wonderful. We also use them as croutons on salads. They aren’t as good as junkfood, so if you’re a junk food junkie, I doubt you’ll like them. But, if you’re into health food, you’ll probably love these.
BlytheGonvick, MN

Nutritious Snack

These zesty snack chips are a great low-calorie snack. They’re also high in fiber and protein.
FondaCrosswicks, NJ

A little too much flavor

These things are good when you eat a few, but it’s a little hard for me to finish an entire bag since they’re so full of flavor (salt, herbs, etc). I have an entire drawer of them and am always reluctant to grab a bag for lunch since I don’t really look forward to a mouthful of flavor. I was hoping they’d be a little more subtle like Cheezits (spelling?). This would be good for people who like a ton of flavor, but other than that, you probably won’t like them enough to eat all of them.
RuthieAllerton, IL

Man these are good

Not gonna b.s. you on this, these are now my must have snack chip of choice. As far as a zesty, savory snack chip, these cannot be beat. I have tried all three flavors, and none are bad. Chili Nacho Cheese are by far my favorite though. In fact, after I write this review, I plan to buy another case.
LizaCedarville, CA


One of the worst chips that I have had, so salty, you will not take more than a piece of it
HumbertoCaney, OK

Protein chips

I love the taste of the protein chips and the high quality ingredients that were used. It’s the perfect way to get protein and fiber at the same time. The chips arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. I highly recommend this product.
ShawnDerby, CT

Yummy goodness!

I never thought I’d like these when I first ordered them but gosh they are sooooo yummy… They have a great taste, texture and satisfying crunch! Plus they’re high in fiber and protein which is like so kewl

Since my original review above, I’ve ordered on average of 2 cases per month, a few cases I’ve recieved tasted very stale and deserve a rating of minus 5 stars so beware

ElenaStebbins, AK

Yummy, crunchy – and healthy too!

I love the Kay’s Naturals Protein Chips – what a healthy way to satifsy cravings for crunchy snacks! The Lemon-Herb are my favorite (and most crunchy), but the other flavors are excellent as well. With 10g Protein per serving and reduced carbohydrates, you simply cannot go wrong…
ChingStockbridge, MI

Really Good

I think these are just really really good. They are crisp and a great gluten free snack! They aren’t really that spicy but still very tasty.
TonyAntioch, CA