KC Masterpiece Original BBQ Sauce, 18-Ounce Plastic Bottle

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce Original 12/18oz

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 18-ounces per unit (total of 216 ounces)
  • Thick, rich and bold
  • Loaded with garlic, molasses, onions and spices
  • Great with all types of meat

Top reviews

Tasty, but has High Fructose Corn Syrup

This is a good sauce, however if High Fructose Corn Syrup wasn’t the 2nd ingredient I would imagine it would be much better.
HeathMoffat, CO

Tangy, Smoked, Woody Taste.

We picked up a large bottle (45 ounces) of KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce (Original) at our local warehouse store. Our idea was to use it on things done on our little backyard barbecue grill. It has worked well on chicken, beef and pork items. Plus we’ve cooked with it and used it as a topping, much like you might use ketchup, on beans, meat and a variety of other items. We love the tangy, smoked, woody taste. Ours is an overly large bottle for our needs for we use it only on rare occasions, but it keeps well in the fridge.

Gary Peterson

MarylandDededo, GU