Keebler Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies, 15-Ounce

Add Uncommon Sweetness To Your Day!™ here at Keebler, we bake our cookies with care, passion and an abundance of quality ingredients–so that they are Uncommonly Made. Uncommonly Good®. We hope that every bite you take adds a little extra sweetness to your day.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six 15-ounce packages of Keebler Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • About 13 two-cookie servings per package (approximately 78 servings total)
  • 150 calories per 2-cookie serving; zero trans fat
  • Classic chocolate chip cookies
  • Naturally baked to be moist and soft

Top reviews

Chewy Chips Ahoy vs. Keebler Soft Batch

Chewy Chips Ahoy and Keebler Soft Batch are very similar taste and texture. I decided to try this since a had a coupon for 50% off. They’re slightly smaller than Chips Ahoy, but that’s about it. My cookies arrived a little crumbled due to shipping, but no complaints because they were still edible and tasted great. Great Cookies, and now I have a stockpile of them :).
MarlenModoc, IN


A very soft, very delicious Keebler Brand Cookie that is hard to find in the supermarket and generally around $4.49/bag ’cause it’s never on sale. I picked up my order of 6 bags through Warehouse Deals fulfilled by Amazon for $13.00, a good bargain considering how much they are in a grocery store @ $4.49/bag and hard to find usually in this variety! If the sale is right, I highly recommend it for you to try and buy for yourself!
ElenaOld Saybrook, CT

DeeLish Cookies

It is hard to stay out of these wonderful cookies! Just the right amount of chocolate chips and the texture is melt-in-your-mouth good!
JoelKress, TX


I may be dating myself here a bit but I remember when the first Soft Batch cookies came out. These were the first and they were bigger and yes, even softer than these are now. But, at that time, they were the ONLY soft, prepackaged cookie (can you believe that?) besides Archway. They then came out with at least a dozen other varieties but for some reason, they stopped making them. I can remember every kid imaginable going nuts over these things so I’m wondering why they stopped.

Anyway, back to today, these cookies, even though they’re smaller, are still quite excellent. They are just so soft and taste better than Keebler’s other soft and chewy cookies. This package made it about 20 minutes in this house – that’s what happens when you’re raising a bunch of Titan boys!

Great, great stuff, HIGHLY recommend!

AndreaCenter, KY

Barley Edible – Crunch on Sugar

What more can I say. Barley Edible – Crunch on Sugar. Did come on time but have a feeling that they wanted this unloaded because it didn’t sell or maybe bad batch. Doesn’t make you sick or anything like that but you can actually find yourself crunching on sugar like you put a sugar cube in your mouth. Kids probably don’t care. Hope this helps.
PrincessRock Island, TX