Keebler Vanilla Sugar Wafer

Makes a great snack, after school treat, lunch box goodie. Delicious, crisp sugar wafers!

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  • Keebler Vanilla Sugar Wafer (Pack of 12)

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Nice Treat

My wife has been a fan of wafer cookies for many years. When I noticed these sugar wafers from Keebler, I ordered some as a surprise for her.

It seems the my wife is a fan of a different cookie. She said these were good, but not the ones she had when she was young. A disappointment for me, but she did enjoy the cookies. I am not certain the cookies she had as a child exist anymore.

Keebler Vanilla Sugar Wafers are a nice treat. These cookies taste good and make a pleasant snack. I enjoyed them myself, but in limited servings.

These wafers are 390 calories a serving, according to the rating website I found. The serving size is a package, but that is 10 cookies – I limit myself to 4.
At four cookies I get 150 calories 21g of carbs, 14g of sugar and 20 mg of sodium.
So from a nutrition point of view, 4 of these cookies are better than most.

I recommend Keebler Vanilla Sugar Wafers. It is a nice treat.

OllieMahopac, NY